Samsung wants to grab Huawei’s share

Three sources familiar with the matter said: Samsung may launch its flagship Galaxy S smartphones more than a month earlier than expected, in an attempt to capture Huawei’s market share and ward off competition from Apple.

Huawei once challenged Samsung’s position in the global smartphone market, but the Chinese competitor is suffering due to US restrictions that stifle its supply of chips used in smartphones and communications equipment.

Chipmakers in South Korea are hoping that Biden’s presidency will ease some of these restrictions, although they are far from certain because they also expect the next US administration to maintain a tough stance on China.

The sources said: Samsung is preparing to launch its new Galaxy S21 lineup in late January of next year, as it had previously launched its flagship Galaxy S20 lineup in early March of this year.

The South Korean company’s sales of the Galaxy S20 5G lineup were down 59 percent in the US in the second quarter compared to the performance of the previous model the previous year, according to research firm Canalys.

In contrast, Apple increased sales of its flagship iPhone 11 by 15 percent, compared to sales of the best-selling iPhone XR last year.

Samsung, which lost its first place to Huawei in the second quarter, regained the crown in the third quarter thanks to US restrictions imposed on Huawei.

One of the main suppliers of smart phone chips said that Huawei stocks are expected to run out early next year.

However, Samsung faces stiff competition from Chinese competitors, such as: Xiaomi and Oppo, who are expected to benefit from Huawei’s struggle to retain market share.

Apple launched the new iPhone series in October, about a month later than usual, increasing competition.

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