Samsung is on the way to compete with Tile

A leaked tracking device shows that Samsung is about to launch a new Tile-like device to track lost items. And explains the leak that appeared during the past month that the device will be called.

There is also some speculation that the Galaxy SmartTag could be announced alongside the new Galaxy S21 phone in January.

Galaxy SmartTag is supposed to use Bluetooth to connect to nearby devices and broadcast their location, as it allows owners to find it later if anything that is connected to it misfires and this thing is lost.

According to a regulatory file monitored by some technology websites, when the battery is running out, you will not have to throw it out and buy a new one because the device will be powered by a replaceable button cell battery.

The leaks show the Samsung SmartTag tracker as a small square with rounded corners and a hole in one of the edges for a key chain or rope to slide through, and looks a lot alike like a Tile.

The images of the device deposited with the Taiwanese telecom regulator posted by some websites are in line with an illustration of the tool leaked from a Samsung app known as SmartThings.

Samsung had released a tracker in 2018 that was connected to cell phone networks for continuous tracking.

In October, Samsung also launched an app that helps its smart device owners locate their current devices using Bluetooth, which appears to be the basis for an upcoming SmartTag.

It’s not clear if Samsung is doing anything out of the ordinary just yet, but for the most part, this seems like more bad news for Tile as it pops up a new competitor every now and then, as it is rumored that Apple has an item tracker in action as well. That could mean two major new heavy-duty competitors in one year if these two devices are actually launched.

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