Samsung is bringing its revolutionary NEON technology to its phones

Samsung and its Star Labs, during CES 2020, unveiled their NEON project, which is a chatbot based on artificial intelligence technology, but in an amazing human form.

Chatbots are a technology based on chatting that is controlled by a specific algorithm, and it can be viewed, for example, in the chat box that exists when entering product sales sites, which offers to help you or answer your inquiries regarding the sale process, or products.

But this real-time chat from Samsung is not intended to replace humans but to “make us more humane”, according to Samsung, as it is not designed to act as service providers or to answer questions. The company described the technology as “a virtual being computer-generated to look like a real human being, with the ability to display emotions, and intelligence.”

The company likened the neon characters to children who are like their parents, but are an independent being, as they can display emotions and learn from experiences. And unlike the AI ​​assistants, NEON’s assistants do not know everything and are not an internet interface to request weather updates, or to play favorite music.

Instead, she explained, the technology is designed to have conversations and act like a real human being, where assistants can form memories and learn new skills, but have no physical embodiment.

But a few weeks after the detection of Neon, the emerging coronavirus (Covid-19) began to spread around the world, which seems to have forced Samsung to remain silent about its project.

Now, Star Labs’ chief and CEO (Pranav Mesitri) – who developed other products for Samsung, such as Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond 3D – revealed via Twitter that Neon is now able to work in smartphones. It is still in beta stages and will be shown again before Christmas in late December.

Looking at Mystery’s confirmation, Samsung is believed to be bringing Neon assistants into its smartphones, and it may launch with its phones within the next year.

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