Ukraine’s Paralympic delegation raises its fist at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, denouncing the war


The Ukrainian Paralympic team participating in the Paralympic Games, hosted by Beijing in the 2022 Winter Games, raised its fist high in a sign of defiance and steadfastness in the face of Russian attacks. This scene came during an impressive appearance at the opening ceremony, yesterday, Friday, in Beijing, while the shooting continues between Ukrainian forces and Russian forces.

And the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, explains that despite the horrific scenes still taking place in the war, the Ukrainian Paralympic team managed to make its way to China to attend this year’s Games in Beijing, which began on Friday.



Maxim Yarovy, the five-time Paralympic medalist, was the Ukrainian flag bearer at the opening ceremony, and led the rest of the 20-person delegation to the Beijing National Stadium in emotional spectacles, while dressed in the country’s signature blue and yellow colors, and a number of Paralympic stars hoisted in Ukraine, their fist as a symbol of defiance amid Russia’s attacks on Ukrainian cities.



 The head of the Ukrainian Paralympic Committee, Valery Suchkevich, revealed that it took them 4 days to reach Beijing while escaping from the missiles and sleeping in the bus, describing their attendance at the Games as a “miracle”.

“Our presence at the Paralympics is not just a presence, this is a sign that Ukraine was and will be a country, because it is a miracle that we are here, part of our team was already abroad, and another part was in Ukraine, all the necessary equipment was in Ukraine, we had to,” said Suchkevich. To unify all those parts.”


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