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This is the ‘stick’ that UEFA can put into PSG

 The body will not leave without sanction the aggressive attitude of Al Khelaïfi, included in the minutes, and could punish Pochettino’s ‘split’ for 1-1 with three games

Pochettino, without reaction in the band after the 3-1 against Real Madrid, exploded in the press room

PSG could be very expensive (even more) to be eliminated against Real Madrid. The reaction of its president, Al Khelaïfi, after the game, when, according to the minutes, he broke the pennant of an assistant and even threatened (this is not recorded in the minutes) a white employee who had recorded the event with ‘kill him’, and the Statements by Pochettino charging against the referee for what the Argentine considered a clear foul by Benzema on Donnarumma at 1-1 will not go unheeded.

In the case of Khelaïfi, as he is a manager, he cannot be punished with a penalty per match, as is the case with players and coaches. According to article 15, his attitude is sanctioned with a minimum of two games for “abusive language” against the referee, three games in the case of “insults”. He can even reach fifteen when it is considered an assault on a member of the refereeing team.

We will now see what decision the disciplinary body adopts based on the referee’s report and what the UEFA match delegate may have collected.

Mauricio Pochettino could receive a sports sanction, in addition to a fine: “Real Madrid’s first goal changed the game. I wonder what the VAR does because there is a foul. It’s a shame, when you see the action, it’s a foul. After that, the game changed. For 60 minutes we dominated, that goal changed everything. It’s a shame about VAR when we see the action of the first goal. It’s impossible not to talk about this gross mistake by the referees. It’s hard to accept It is incredible that this happens in 2022”, said the coach of the French team.

His manifestations can be considered as an insult to the refereeing body. Something that is punishable by a suspension of “three matches” according to article 15 of the UEFA Disciplinary Code. A sanction to be fulfilled next season, after the elimination of PSG, although it will be necessary to see with which team, since Pochettino’s future in the French team seems to be more than sentenced.

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