• The white team would enter an amount close to 70 million and Casemrio would be placed among the club’s great sales 

Real Madrid, a ‘signer’ club, also has room for sales which, as such, have hardly ever been bad. That is why the last one, Casemiro‘s if it finally happens, comes to be placed among the most beneficial that we now review. 

Cristiano Ronaldo (2018)

Cristiano Ronaldo (2018)

Juventus paid 117 million euros

In its day it was the most expensive signing in the history of Real Madrid and now it is also the most expensive sale. Like everything in CR7’s career, it’s extreme, also the amounts he moved during his time as a Real Madrid player, which, without a doubt, was very profitable.

Di María (2014)

Di María (2014)

United paid 75 million euros

The Argentine winger wanted to expand his status and the club decided to sell him to Manchester United where he did not succeed and had to pack his bags the following year. It’s still the silver medal.

Álvaro Morata (2017)

Alvaro Morata (2017)

Chelsea paid 66 million 

The academy striker, now at Atlético, has moved a lot of money in transfers and Chelsea then made him their most expensive signing in the summer of 2017. An operation that, over time, proved not to go well. 

Özil (2013)

Ozil (2013)

Arsenal paid 47 million euros

The German was a case similar to that of Di María. He had a good status within the club but he wanted more and Real Madrid decided to sell him to Arsenal in the last days of the market. His stage in London has not been bad but it could have been better.

Kovacic (2019)

Kovacic (2019)

Chelsea paid 45 million euros

The Croatian left the Bernabeu in the summer of 2018 but did so on loan. Later, Chelsea accepted the purchase option and remained in property with the midfielder who came from the hand of Benítez in 2015.

Achraf (2020)

Achraf (2020)

Inter Milan paid 43 million euros 

The Moroccan winger, after two years on loan at Dortmund, packed his bags for Serie A to join Inter Milan with whom he won the Scudetto but had to leave for PSG last summer. 

Robinho (2009)

Robinho (2009)

The City paid 43 million euros

The one who came with the idea of ​​being the Brazilian galactic did not work out and had to leave the club at the time that Manchester City began its transformation. It was later shown that he was not ready for the elite. 

Varane (2021)

Varane (2021)

United paid 40 million euros 

Manchester United paid around 40 million euros for the French central defender, even though he only had one year left on his contract with Real Madrid. His intention was to leave the club and seek a new adventure just like Casemiro.

Higuaín (2013)

Higuain (2013)

Napoli paid 39 million euros

The Argentine striker was a great goalscorer but with Benzema and Cristiano he had no place. At Napoli, he showed that he still had gas left and, in fact, he climbed a step by signing for Juventus. In Madrid, he left a good amount for the sale of him after being a bet for the future.

Odegaard (2021)

Odegarard (2021)

Arsenal paid 35 million euros

The Norwegian is the last on the list and the one who will leave it in the next few hours when Manchester United make the signing of Casemiro official in exchange for 60 million. Odegaard arrived as the great promise and left as a good footballer but not the expected one. 

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