•  After PSG’s unforeseen defeat against Real Madrid and exclusion from the Champions League, the Parisian club has become a quagmire where no one today has a guaranteed place.

Neymar complains during Real Madrid-PSG

It is very likely that we will see heads rolling in the coming weeks. In this context of acute sports and institutional crisis, strong versions begin to circulate that the club would be thinking of dispensing with Neymar. The Brazilian star would be one of those sentenced from the highest spheres of Qatari decision.

The assessment made is that the Neymar project at PSG has not performed as expected. When he was signed in 2017, the club wanted him to become the new world star, Messi’s successor, to be in Paris where he would display his full potential and to reach the World Cup in Qatar leading a successful sports project with a Champions Cup earned.

However, 5 years have passed and none of that has happened. The best years of the player, his sports youth has not yielded what was expected and his performance is diluted in repeated injuries that leave him off the field for long seasons, media scandals that undermine his public image, a conflictive family environment and a lack of sports leadership which has been made clear at the Bernabéu this Wednesday.

For all this, it is very possible that PSG will try to get Neymar out next season. Of course, it won’t be easily given the legal complexity of the Brazilian’s contract and the current conditions in the transfer market. Anyway, everything seems to indicate that the player’s future is no longer so assured in Paris.

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