• Fowler assures that the defeats against Real Madrid in the Champions League led to the signings of City and Liverpool

The signings of Haaland for City and Darwin Núñez for Liverpool are Real Madrid’s fault. That is what Robbie Fowler assures in his column for the Daily Mirror newspaper. The former player is very clear that the defeats of both teams against Real Madrid in the Champions League caused these signings.

“Look at City’s record. Three quarter-finals, a semi-final, and a final with Pep Guardiola. But no trophy. It’s always about those little wins, and in City’s case, that last step, that final little win, has proven so difficult in Europe. So spending that much on a marginal gain with Haaland doesn’t sound that stupid in that context. If he shows the difference between losing to Real Madrid after mistreating him, or winning comfortably as they should have, then it’s worth it,” Fowler said of Haaland’s arrival at City.

Regarding Liverpool and the signing of Darwin Núñez, Fowler explained that ” Jurgenhe examines everything, he knows what works and what needs to be adjusted. Look at the three finals they have played. They were clearly the better team in all three games… but they didn’t score a single goal. So despite all the threats from Salah and Mané, they were thwarted by top teams like Chelsea and Real Madrid who were prepared to defend deep. And it worked. Madrid were awful against Liverpool, without ambition, never came out, had serious scoring chances, and played for about three minutes in the 90s. However, they won,” he said, adding that “Liverpool had the highest number of shots on goal.” door of the history of the Champions League final, and yet he couldn’t score. And for me, that explains the signing of Núñez.”

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