•  The Italian knows for a fact that falling in the second round of the Champions League as coach of Real Madrid is a failure in the international section

A title and a semifinal. It was Carlo Ancelotti’s baggage in the Champions League during the two years of his first stage at Real Madrid. The Italian, winner of the long-awaited Tenth, fell the following year at the hands of Juventus and being third in the League and falling in the Cup earned him a dismissal for what this Wednesday, in which he can stay out of Europe, has to ahead a decisive night.

It is true that when the Italian took the reins of the team last summer, what was expected was that it would be a medium-long-term project. However, at Real Madrid these types of agreements are not understood if it is not with titles involved and Ancelotti knows that losing in the Champions League round of 16, even against PSG, is a failure for Real Madrid in international competition.

Therefore, if the white team were eliminated tomorrow, the one who would also be very affected would-be Ancelotti who, yes, is backed by the good results in the League and the possible achievement of the title at the end of the season.

Thus, with the sword of Damocles hanging over his head, the Italian will once again live a European night at the Bernabéu, which he has already taken care of encouraging with his motivating messages. Will he be able to stay alive in the Champions League?

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