•  The Argentine coach assured that the Frenchman is much better and hopes to have him available to play against Real Madrid

In the absence of official confirmation, everything indicates that Mbappé will have no problem starting tomorrow against Real Madrid: “He’s fine. At the time of the blow, he was in pain for a while, but after a couple of hours he felt much better and was able to walk easily. I hope that now he can train and play tomorrow,” said Pochettino, who cannot imagine a match scenario without his most fit footballer.

At this point, the Argentine still finds it difficult to recognize that he is also the main added value that he has in the dressing room: “I think that the seven-time winner of the Ballon d’Or is Messi. He is the best. Then there are contenders and Kylian’s form is exceptional. He is among the greats”, remarked the coach of a PSG who was logically bombarded with questions about the French international at the gates of playing at the Santiago Bernabéu.

Pochettino, however, sees Mbappé calm: “The environment has to experience all this more calmly. An exaggerated seizure is experienced. Internally we are very calm. He is a mature boy, he is clear that he wants to defend the colors and the PSG shirt and I have no doubt that his performance will not be conditioned by the noise that there is externally”, he added in a press conference in which he did not like that insist on some issues.

The goalkeeper was one of them: “I have a lot of patience with the media. I’ve been explaining the same thing for eight months. We have two great goalkeepers, two number ones. Tomorrow I will make a decision naturally. I know there will be someone disappointed and it will be difficult to find arguments to justify substituting him, but I am happy with how we have managed this whole situation throughout the season”, explained the Argentine.

Tomorrow is heads or tails for Pochettino. He plays the charge. A premature elimination from the Champions League could end his stage in Paris: “I see too much negativity. We are competitive and positive. We cannot think of anything else in our heads. We cannot consider another scenario. It’s a final. If we don’t win, there won’t be another Champions League game”, acknowledged the Santa Fe coach, who asked his players to concentrate a lot after the 1-0 draw at the Parc des Princes.

A Real Madrid awaits them with a thirst for revenge: “We only won the first part of the game. The second is missing. We respect our rival a lot, who has thirteen Champions Leagues and won them not by chance but because of something that he has carried within him throughout his history. We are not afraid. We have to isolate ourselves from external sensations, make an effort and be prepared for a difficult night”, concluded Pochettino.

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