•  Since reaching the Champions League final in 2019, PSG have been eliminated in the following editions at the hands of City and Real Madrid

PSG’s trident, insufficient against Real Madrid

History is not bought with money. No wallet, no matter how generous, can acquire the mentality and indestructible character of Real Madrid on Champions nights, cursed territory for a PSG that went into a tailspin. Another wasted year that confirms the negative trend of a club that has gone from bad to worse since reaching the final in Lisbon in 2019. Since then, a semi-final and a fiasco like last night that will have consequences.

Having the best album on the market doesn’t mean much. Not if your trading cards are not sorted and properly attached. PSG live installed in chaos without noticing that perhaps their media strategy works to balance accounts, but not to win the Champions League. This requires structure and a hierarchical organization chart that has never been respected. Pochettino, now the target of many, has hardly had command and opinion at the club.

The PSG that played the Champions League final in 2019 believed that it was going in the right direction. Neymar, faded against Bayern, and Mbappé, still in the takeoff phase, could not give the sheikh his great whim. That, which was then seen as a failure from Qatar, ended up costing Tuchel his job in the medium term. Patience does not exist in a club in which the urge to win at any price prevails to grow meaningfully.

The following year, in 2020, PSG stayed at the gates of the European final after being eliminated at the hands of City. His great enemy, controlled by the royalty of Abu Dhabi. Although a semi-final cannot be considered a disaster, doing it against Guardiola’s team was emotionally irreparable. The club, however, wanted to give Pochettino another chance in his second year, the first full one. Things soon went wrong.

Being dismounted at the first change was not in anyone’s plans. Even less after the great game in the first leg, the lead achieved and Mbappé’s 0-1 at half-time at the Santiago Bernabéu. The white comeback was utopian. But things happen on Real Madrid’s pitch that are beyond logic. The shield and tradition were imposed on the project of a PSG that signed big names last summer without preparing a good team. Paris, it’s over.

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