• Several legends from Madrid and Barcelona have participated in the charity tournament organized by Nacex and have attended the media. Alfonso Pérez trusts the white president.
"Madrid will have Mbappé and Florentino will surely have some surprises in store for us..."

El Clásico is played this Sunday at 8:00 p.m. / London, but some important characters from Real Madrid and Barcelona have played a charity aperitif this Thursday. In Madrid’s Ciudad de la Raqueta, legends from both teams have met in the usual charity paddle tennis tournament sponsored by Nacex. An event that is now in its thirty-fifth edition and whose profits will go to the Forever Dream Foundation.

Ex-soccer players such as Dani García Lara, Alfonso Pérez or Víctor Sánchez del Amo passed through the previous photocall, as white representatives. While Jesús Mariano Angoy, Víctor Muñoz, Jofre Mateu and Ángel Cuéllar did the same for the Barcelona side. Bernd Schuster, José Antonio Camacho and Vicente del Bosque also showed up to show their support, although without picking up the racket, for a tournament that shone with good vibes, jokes and a relaxed atmosphere. The rivalry, although the matches were taken seriously, is left to Vinicius, Benzema, Aubameyang, Dembélé and company.

Vicente del Bosque

Clásico: “I hope it’s nice and a good show. Regardless of the classification, Madrid dominates. Barcelona is doing well, with home players.”

Xavi: “I see him well, the experience he has acquired these years ago has helped him get to Barcelona. We have a good relationship; he has his experience.

Barcelona candidate for LaLiga: “It’s hard for me to say no, but Madrid and Seville are the ones with the most opportunities. In football you have to be cautious.”

Mbappé-Haaland to Madrid: “We are in a time of rumors and there are many people who live on that speculation. The obligation of the clubs is to sign the best and we are talking about two very good players. End up in Madrid? We don’t know that, they are rumors”.

Good health in the Champions League: “It’s a joy for Spanish football. For many years it has maintained a hegemony and despite what has been said it continues to do so. We have very strong clubs.”

Xavi with coach material: “He always had a vocation to be a coach”.

Xavi to the national team? “It could be, when Luis Enrique is not there, they will try to sign someone else, why not? Anyone can do it”.

Forecast: “Let it be a good game, let’s see goals and a show. If Madrid has its moments, Barcelona will have them too. We’ll see who dominates. Both feel comfortable with the ball.”

Pedri: “Very good, Barcelona has looked down and has found something that is very good for the club.”

Pedri-Iniesta comparison: “We can’t look for comparisons every day. They’re good and each one has his talent. I’m not saying he’s unique, but what am I going to tell you about him?

Favorite for the Champions League: “There are eight. I hope Madrid, Barcelona and Villarreal show what Spanish football is. I would love for a Spanish team to win.”

Alfonso Perez Munoz

Clásico: “A little decaffeinated compared to other years, due to the difference in points. Normally, they were fighting for first place. Barcelona has gone through many problems, with changes of coach and economic problems and now it seems that they are more toned, plus what Barcelona is. But I think that if Madrid get a positive result, without disrespecting the rest, they would have LaLiga very much in their favour. The change of coach with Xavi, at first it cost, but now they are more in tune “.

Is Barcelona a candidate for LaLiga?: “You can’t rule anyone out, but it depends on Madrid. With that solidity and game, they can hardly catch up. But it’s a game with much more at stake. Rivalry, prestige…”.

Most decisive player: “We no longer have Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo, but there are still great players. They are characterized more by the block than by individuals like Messi or Cristiano, who made the difference. Let’s hope that Benzema can be there, I think he is the more relevant for Madrid. If it can’t be, it wouldn’t be convenient to force it”.

Can a hypothetical elimination affect Barcelona emotionally?: “It could be, the good thing is that Barcelona comes with morale and confidence. Not like months ago, which was more chaotic. The fact that you then have a match against Madrid makes just focus on that match.”

Where does Haaland fit in better, Madrid or Barcelona?: “Good players fit into any team. Madrid will have an exciting project, with an impressive stadium and with Mbappé. I’m sure Florentino will have some surprises in store for us at the end of the season.”

Do you have information?: “I don’t know (laughs). Mbappé is becoming more and more clear that he will end up at Madrid, I wouldn’t rule out that Haaland could also come.”

Could Madrid be sorry if they let Haaland escape?: “In this case we will have the best in the world, which is Mbappé, at Real Madrid. From there, the negotiations that Haaland or his entourage may have will depend on the sports project that wants and the economic part that he intends. I would opt for an exciting team like Madrid and taking into account that Mbappé will come to Madrid, I would not think about it. If it were Haaland, I would go to Real Madrid”.

Bernd Schuster

Clasico: “A clasico at this point each one plays a part of it. Madrid the points to play the league and Barcelona to save the season.”

Game against Galatasaray: “If they don’t go through today, Sunday is to save the season. It’s a very difficult season and not winning the other day was unthinkable. Not being able to score a goal against them is rare”

Where does Haaland fit in? :”Haaland must play where he is needed. In some teams it is not necessary. I think that Madrid having Benzema is not necessary. He is a player who has to play, he does not come to the bench. He will not have problems finding a team. I don’t see Barcelona with Haaland. With Ferran and Aubemayang I don’t see Haaland as necessary either. I see the blonde more in England.”

Is he criticized for having called Kroos a diesel tractor?

Can Barcelona win?: “You can win at the Bernabéu. Yes, in my time there was another Barcelona.”

Jofre Mateu

El Clásico: “El Clásico is interesting. Playing Madrid at home and with the distance they have, Barcelona comes in need. It will depend on the match against Galatasaray”.

Xavi, easier than Koeman with the reinforcements: “I think the signings that Xavi has had would not have had the same performance if he hadn’t been there”.

Most important footballer: “Benzema is the determining player for Madrid. Mendy is not here and Pedri is in an excellent moment at Barcelona. We’ll see where Gavi plays. If Adama, Ferran or Dembélé play, it will be what marks Barcelona’s game a bit”.

Which team has more dynamite?: “I think Barcelona has more dynamite. Madrid without Benzema will be a different team.”

Victor Munoz

How does Barcelona arrive?: “Barcelona have the logical aspirations for a Clasico. It has nothing to do with Madrid being ahead with many points and they have options. They will do everything possible. Today they have an important game ahead of them”

Haaland, where does he fit in best?: “Haaland works wherever he wants. He scores goals. Barcelona can offer many goalscoring options by having many creative players. That’s why everyone wants to have him. Haaland doesn’t even need an association. With scoring them, it’s done. Mbappé It’s different. He’s already shown it in these games.”

Balance in the Champions League: “Hopefully the 3 Spanish teams will also be in the semifinals. Spanish football is there and LaLiga is important. Barcelona and PSG are out, City is the one with the most chances”

LaLiga: “I think Barcelona can still fight for LaLiga. They can win every game until the end of the season. It’s difficult but football has these things.”

Momentum with Xavi: “The change that Xavi gives him is positive. He has a better team than Koeman. The players who are out also deserve to play. He is doing well.”

One result: “1-3 for Barcelona. Madrid will have more time to prepare and Barcelona have a game where they play a lot.”

Angel Cuellar

El Clásico: “I see El Clásico as more evenly matched than a long time ago. Madrid continues to do its thing, winning and competing, but Barcelona continues in a positive dynamic”.

Rotations: “Ancelotti is less prone to making changes, to rotate less. If the important ones are good, he will put them in. Barcelona has more of a wardrobe and there are more rotations. Defensively they have also improved.”

Hazard and Bale?: “If the coach sees us on the line… If he doesn’t put them on, it’s for something. They’re not up to the task.”

Haaland and Mbappé?: “To put them together with Vini and Benzema… you would have to seat someone. I don’t know if they would all fit on the pitch.”

Jesus Mariano Angoy

El Clásico: “There is more at stake than the final result, it is to really see Xavi’s team where we are. We are growing a lot; some very important signings have been made for the concept and methodology that Xavi wanted and with a little more time We are going to be at the level and in the line that has made us great at Barcelona”.

Can he fight for LaLiga?: “It’s difficult, until it’s mathematically decided, it’s difficult, there are a lot of difference points but everything happens because we win in Madrid and from there do our homework. I think that for next season We’ll be on a very good line.”

Barça’s best signing?: “I liked Ferran a lot because he has a tremendous imbalance and has a goal. And Aubameyang has adapted in 4 days, he has a tremendous nose.”

Today’s game: “Galatasaray is going to be a completely different team from the one we saw in Barcelona. Everything is also at stake. Tonight’s result is going to be important for El Clásico”.

Jose Antonio Camacho

Porra: “El Clásico will be won by Madrid, in theory. They have the title on track and you can see that on the pitch.”

Will it be even?: “Logically it will be, regardless of how they are. Barça has to win these two games to pick up morale. It’s much more important to get through today than to beat Madrid.”

Dembélé’s renewal: “If the club considers it necessary, yes. Whether he plays or not depends on the coach.”

How do you see Xavi?: “It wasn’t an easy situation. Lots of problems and complications and he’s doing well. He’s in his place and has personality. He needs time to do things the way he wants, not to have to mend”.

Haaland, Madrid or Barça?: “He’s a great player, I don’t know. Madrid, Barça, England… He has to think about playing, he already has people behind him to advise him. Lately he has been injured a lot and that could be have your head elsewhere”.

Proper names for El Clásico: “Spanish football is in very good health, the Champions League and the Europa League. They are strong. Young footballers are coming out and that is important. If Mbappé or Haaland come, it is important. The Spanish league is not followed in the same way as the English league and if they come, much more will follow”.

Hole for Haaland and Mbappé with Vinicius and Benzema: “The teams have many games. The tournaments are of a high category. In the end, everyone has a place and the better players you have, the better.”

Most decisive footballers: “Barça have strengthened well up front, but Madrid have Benzema and Vinicius who are in a state of grace. Especially Vinicius who is deciding the matches”.

Xavi in ​​the National Team: “Why not? The future depends on many circumstances, he can do it”.

Result: “I’ll settle for 2-1.”

Dani Garcia Lara

Context of the match: “I see the Clásico as even. The sensations are good. The arrival of Xavi has improved the team. The work is good and he is focused on next season. Fatigue will be important; the match is demanding. If they win, they will be reinforced I see it very evenly matched and it seems that sports will prevail. We will also see if Benzema arrives or not”.

Decisive players: “The strikers are making the difference. Gabi and Pedri are also giving very good results. Two balanced teams in both directions.”

Victor Sanchez del Amo

Porra: “Today, Porra, I see it as difficult. Madrid has many doubts about players who are key to betting on goals. What really gets me is Madrid’s victory. Beyond the casualties it may have, it has shown it to Throughout its history and currently too: in important moments it is the team that competes best. Regardless of the rival it may be. Whether it is better or worse, as we have recently seen against PSG and now in the clasico against a Barça that arrives in its best moment of the season I bet on Madrid”.

Where Haaland could work: “Inside the area to score goals. That’s where the strikers work. Then he already decides which team it is.”

Barcelona and Madrid keys: “Real Madrid or Barcelona have very unbalanced players. Barcelona has improved since the arrival of Xavi. You can see the work and the arrival of important players who are providing a performance than before, other players who were and are I expected from them, they were not contributing. If you add to that the performance of the reserve team players, there is a very clear growth. In Madrid there are three key players in defense and three in attack. Courtois Militao and Alaba in defense. I would stand out in attack the Modric Benzema Vinicius triangle. Real Madrid’s ability to unbalance passes through these three players”.

Benzema: “Benzema has always shown that he is that type of total striker. It is true that this quality has not been recognized until this season because he has always been in the shadow of other big names. Since CR’s departure he has taken a step forward “Where he likes to stand out is on the pitch. Total striker. Able to play like the best MC and the best striker. That makes all the players around him take advantage of it.”

Modric: “And I wouldn’t like to leave Modric in that leadership cast because he also has that profile that doesn’t like to stand out off the pitch and likes to stand out on it. Despite his seniority and his age, you see him run like the youngster making his debut “.

Xavi: “The circumstances were ideal for him. It has been a clamor for Xavi to come. Everyone was looking forward to a profile of that type. It was the piece that could fit in the context that had been created of internal war, of divisions of many controversies. All because of that war between the directives that leave and the one that enters. And besides, I have no doubt that he is prepared because he was already one of those footballers who was already a coach on the field when he played and has gone through the coaching process. The context It was ideal for his arrival, then as a coach, to arrive at a club where everyone is going to put their side so that things work out, even if you don’t have good results, because he hasn’t had them, too. out of the Champions League. Staying out of the Champions League is something very hard for Barcelona and that has happened to Xavi. At that time the coaches need time for the work to continue and that has been given to Xavi”.

Cholo: “To all the coaches who are given that climate… in the end the work comes out. Another case is Atlético de Madrid with Cholo. The more years Cholo has been there, the more he is criticized and questioned his work or his results when times of bad results come. He continues to be given confidence and there is Atleti, reaching the end of the season at the best possible level”.

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