Madrid returns it to PSG

Madrid return it to PSG

  • After the disappointment by Mbappe, Madrid signed up for the signing of Tchouameni and saw how Zidane said “no” to PSG. Florentino remains diplomatic and charges Macron.

Real Madrid has scored two goals in relation to PSG in recent weeks with which it has managed to partially placate the disappointment caused by the non-signing by the white team of Kylian Mbappe, who preferred to renew until 2025 for the Parisian club despite the fact that He had been committed to Madrid for a year. Overcome the pain of not being able to count on the French striker, Madrid has hit back and has also seen how a PSG suitor with a white past has not wanted to take charge of his bench.

After renewing Mbappé, PSG got down to work to try to please the striker with the signing of a player that Bondy’s team values ​​exceptionally, such as Aurelien Tchouameni, the midfielder who has been playing for Monaco and who has been one of the most outstanding midfielders in Ligue 1 in the last two seasons. The influence of PSG in the negotiation undoubtedly triggered the price of Tchouameni. Still, in the end, it was Madrid who took the cat to the water, after paying 80 million fixed and another 20 that could come for objectives.

In his presentation as a new Madrid player, Tchouameni himself confirmed that Mbappé consulted him about the possibility of signing for PSG. Still, the ex-Monaco player remained in his initial position of playing in white, even knowing that he was coming for competing for the position with Casemiro and, therefore, knowing that he will start with the role of a substitute and that he must turn the situation around in Carlo Ancelotti’s mind. PSG signed Luis Campos as the new sporting director to please Mbappé and his first mission was to sign Tchoaumeni, but that battle has been targeted by Madrid.

Another PSG wish was to sign Zinedine Zidane for the white bench. The coach is closely tied to Real Madrid, at least from a historical perspective: he won a Champions League with the Whites as a player and three as a coach. He did not come out on the best terms for the Madrid club, with an open letter in which he criticized the doubts that had been sown about his continuity throughout the 2020-21 season, but with that and with everything he preferred not to go to PSG, where he could train some of the best players in the world, since his wish is to wait for the French team, which could change hands after the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, which will take place between November and December.

There was a fear among Madrid fans that PSG, not content with retaining Mbappé, would count from next season on with the coach who has won the most European Cups for Madrid. But PSG didn’t manage to complete the operation in that either, a moral victory for the Whites and their fans, who are now focused on the departure chapter after the already confirmed additions of Rüdiger and Tchouameni. Except for a market opportunity, the workforce is considered practically closed.

Florentino Pérez, however, maintains his diplomatic tone when referring to PSG. This is how he expressed himself in ‘El Chiringuito’ when asked about the Parisian club, which has made non-stop attacks against Madrid over the last year, especially in the mouth of Leonardo, its former sports director, who acts as an aggressive spokesperson for the entity has not earned him to maintain the position. Mbappé was in favor of being relieved to take over Luis Campos, with whom he has had a close relationship since his days at Monaco.

Florentino, about Mbappe, PSG and Macron

“All the teams that compete with Madrid are friendly clubs. Although the issue of club-states is a problem that we have to solve. I don’t know what Zidane will do, he has always been a man of Real Madrid and of the French team”, explained the Madrid president, who was more critical when talking about the player himself, despite the fact that he commented that he remains fond of him: “A player is part of a group where everyone is on equal terms. None is above another. At that time we were no longer interested, he was not the Mbappé we wanted. We are not going to make any exceptions that put the management of the group at risk. The Mbappé who wanted to come to Madrid was not this Mbappe”.

Although if someone focused on Florentino’s criticism, that was Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic, who interceded to convince Mbappé to stay at PSG: “If a kid is called by his president, of course, it affects him. What I don’t see as normal is that a president calls a player from a specific club so that he doesn’t leave, I had never seen that before”. All this, in any case, in the usual tepid tone of Florentino, without wanting to stir up controversy and making it clear that Madrid has turned the page, thanks in part to signings such as Tchouameni, with whom the white club scored a good goal to PSG.


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