• Benfica withdrew due to the ‘purchase option’, Valladolid would need to start before and Torino does not convince the environment. His output has gone from fact to entrenched.

August is coming… and Reinier is still at Real Madrid. His output is clogged. Just a few weeks ago, everything seemed to indicate that the next season would be an Eagle in Da Luz. “He’s excited!” His father came to proclaim, almost happier than his son, about the stage he was going to undertake at Benfica. The agreement between clubs was close to total, but the fringes are sometimes not ‘mere’. And two details knocked down the operation. The first is that the Portuguese team did not agree on the proposed salary distribution: the issue around this is that there was optimism in the face of, with more talks, reaching a common point. Quite the opposite with your purchase option; this did blow up the operation. Benfica wanted an affordable one and Madrid put an “unaffordable” one.

since then, nothing. Many interests, but few concretions. Few formal offers. The footballer, knowing that next season he will not play for Real Madrid -something that has already been communicated to him and he ‘understands’-, decided to give up the North American tour to stay in the Spanish capital, closing his departure. He has been working daily in Valdebebas for days while he glances at his phone, waiting for a call from his agent. A new; a novelty But there is still nothing. Madrid has an untouchable commandment around him: wherever he goes, he has to play. In no way can the failure of Borussia Dortmund be repeated, where he only played 741 minutes in two seasons (Marcelo, last time -807′-, played more). Madrid do not want to part with him because they continue to trust his talent (hence the refusal to put an easy-to-execute purchase option on him), they believe that with a good loan, minutes and confidence he can exploit and be valid in the medium term.

"Nice day, especially because it's training. Thank God," Reinier wrote on his Instagram account on Tuesday, July 26, before training alone.
“Nice day, especially because it’s training. Thank God,” Reinier wrote on his Instagram account on Tuesday, July 26, before training alone.

Turin, Valladolid…

It cost 30 million (from Flamengo in 2020), being a bet that is maintained today. He is not given up on losing from the inside. Reports clarified the two teams that have taken the alternative on pole after Benfica’s capsizing are Torino and Valladolid. It was Sportmediaset who first reported the interest of the Italians, who have already formally requested a loan for one season. But the player’s environment prefers that he play in LaLiga and Valladolid wins there. Ronaldo Nazário, president of the Blanquivioletas, called the Chamartín offices in person to ask about his situation; and even he got to speak with Reinier, who sees José Zorrilla as an ideal setting to be the protagonist. He considers that there he could not only have the minutes that he demands so much but that he would also be a starter. But Pucela needs to release his wage bill before making any offer; They want to, but today they can’t. In addition to them, there are other teams that have shown interest, such as Sporting or Porto. The problem is that nothing ends up taking true form. High viscosity and little solid.

Reinier poses in a photo session.
Reinier poses in a photo session.


Even if the ‘traffic jam’ dragged on and the player didn’t find a way out – which is remote – and Madrid decided to give him a chance in the first team, he wouldn’t be able to play. Reinier still does not have dual nationality and the white team continues with its three non-EU places covered (Vinicius, Rodrygo and Militao). The first continues to wait for the administrative ‘ok’, an approval that does not come and stops not only the registration of some players such as Kubo (already sold to Real Sociedad until 2027), Vinicius Tobias (a priori, the first in the queue) or Reinier himself. He also dries up market opportunities: Gabriel Jesús came within range a few weeks ago, but being Brazilian he couldn’t disembark either; Sterling, English, is also considered a non-community since Brexit. That is why Reinier will leave with total security. To play. To regain confidence. To grow and come back stronger. But at the moment, he has many bidders looking at him and few bids. His situation levitates in a strange limbo…for all parties.

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