Given Benzema’s injury and the absence of a ‘9’ of guarantees in the squad, there are those who are already looking towards the offices in search of explanations

The sports planning of a team during the summer prior to a season are the foundations of the project. If those foundations are solid, there are real chances that the goals will be met. If they are not, it is most likely that the building will not be standing until May, which is when the notes are handed out in football. 

That is why at Real Madrid , where they have been aware of all this since time immemorial, see their record, the first doubts are beginning to arise regarding the work in the offices this past summer due to Benzema ‘s recent injury . 

And it is true that the blow for Mbappé ‘s ‘no’ was digested quite well with a League and Champions League double and two high-profile additions such as Tchouaméni and Rüdiger , during the summer he was guessing until the last days of the market whether or not to sign a ‘9’ of guarantees only usable if Benzema ‘came a cold’.

And now that the Frenchman has caught a cold on his knee and a substitute is being sought for him, frowns appear when remembering the departure of Gareth Bale , Jovic ‘s to Fiorentina (free) or Borja Mayoral ‘s to Getafe . But above all, the missed opportunity to go to the killer market and sign one that will guarantee something more than what, a priori, Hazard and Mariano guarantee . 

No return 

Still, there is no turning back. What’s done is done, and Real Madrid now has to wait for someone to replace him during Benzema ‘s absence , whoever it is, and for this setback to be just that, a setback. And not a series of misfortunes that can continue to shake the foundations and that these do not last until the end of the season. 

All that, to tell the truth, cannot be seen in September either. In any case, in January, which will be the time when the Whites have the opportunity to mend their planning errors, if there are any. Time to time. 

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