• Madrid will take care of the Croatian with a special plan.¬†About to turn 37, in the last two seasons he accumulated 103 games in the legs.

What about Modric?

Benzema is a rare case of longevity, but it is even more difficult to find examples similar to Luka Modric‘s . The Croatian appeared last Thursday in the ranks in perfect magazine condition. He has followed a detailed plan in the summer following the general instructions of Antonio Pintus and the specific instructions of Vlatko Vucetic, the Croatian guru with whom he has been working for a long time and one of those responsible for the 10th Real Madrid player living a third football youth ( he will fulfill 37 years in September…).


Modric has been stretching the limits of his physique in the last two seasons. In that time frame he played 103 games, including those for Madrid and those played against Croatia . A wear that is not making a dent to the point that he earned the renewal until 2023 and nobody in Concha Espina dares to venture that this season is the final journey. In Valdebebas he gives the callus like the most . On his second day of preseason and despite the heat wave, he put on the demanding hypoxia mask to run simulating high-altitude training conditions like the rest of the newcomers.

A must for Croatia…

That does not mean that Madrid will also be very aware, as in the case of Deschamps with Benzema, of what job Zlatko Dalic does for Modric in this year’s World Cup. The madridista has played the l ast ten games for the checkered team and in seven of them he did so, moreover, as a starter . He is the soccer and symbolic reference of the team. He is also one of the white pillars. Although the Valverde, Camavinga and Tchouameni are arriving, the experience is a degree…

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