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Courtois: “It seems that we will win because of the referees, but that is not the case”

  • The Belgian Real Madrid goalkeeper defends the refereeing group after the three penalties in favor in Vigo and downplays the possible absence of Ancelotti due to Covid at Stamford Bridge: “We are lucky that the second is his son (Davide) and he is very similar. The coach has a great team of technicians behind him”

Thibaut Courtois, former Chelsea goalkeeper, has been the player chosen by Real Madrid to appear before the media at a press conference in London on Tuesday, ahead of the first leg of the Champions League quarterfinals against the ‘blues’ .

After being eliminated almost a year ago at Stamford Bridge (2-0), in the second leg of the ‘semis’ of the highest continental competition, the Belgian international returns again to what was his ‘home’ before signing for the meringues in the 2018-19 season.

Feelings ahead of the game

“It’s a different tie than last year. That time it was played without an audience and it was the semifinals. We’re feeling good and looking forward to it. We want to go out with the right mentality. I played a good game against Celta and I’ll try to do the same this Wednesday” .His His past at Chelsea

“I played here for four years, I won two leagues and two cups and I have nice memories. It’s true that my departure didn’t go in the best way, but that’s it. I come here with Rea Madrid to win and that’s the important thing”

The critics

“It’s something that always happens at Real Madrid. You win ten games, but you draw or lose and people criticize. The only thing we’ve done is win the Super Cup and we want more trophies. I have full confidence in the whole team”.

Evaluation of your season

“A goalkeeper is very important, not only for stopping but also for helping the game. There are games in which he participates more and in others, less. Sometimes you participate little but they are key moments”.

Absence of Ancelotti

“We are lucky that the second is his son (Davide) and he is very similar. The coach has a great team of technicians behind him. Sometimes he has participated in a chat with us by video call. I don’t think it’s a big problem your absence”.

Movements in Champions

“I’m in one of the best moments of my career and I hope to continue helping my team keep a clean sheet in the knockout rounds. I hope we can get a good result for the Bernabéu.”

Vigo penalties

“We are having a good season and we have eight games left in the League. Arbitration decisions, with or without VAR, with eight repetitions…there will always be doubts. That is football, sometimes there is a gray area in which the The referee has to decide. When the penalties were called against us in Valencia nobody said anything. That’s football. It seems that we win because of the referees, but that’s not the case. We are a team that attacks the rival area a lot, with players like Benzema, Asensio or Vini, and it’s normal for a defender to put his leg in and it’s a penalty.”

Game system

“The coach is the one who decides, otherwise we wouldn’t need a coach. Each player has his opinion, but in the end he decides. Putting in a fourth midfielder depends on the idea of ​​the game. The coach has a plan, but I can’t say much”.

The individual prizes

“There may be people who don’t value me. I can’t change a person’s opinion. Sometimes you like a spectacular goalkeeper, who goes high or plays with his feet. There are journalists who don’t know what it’s like to be under a goal. The reward that is worthwhile is the team. I don’t need anyone to tell me I’m the best. The most important thing is the performance I give my team”.

Hazard’s state

“Eden is a very useful player for us. His class and talent are not forgotten. I know he is in good spirits and the most important thing for him is to fully recover to be fit for Real Madrid and the World Cup. He would have loved to be here (Stamford Bridge), it’s a shame he can’t. He can still contribute a lot to Real Madrid. He’s had bad luck, but I still trust him”.

Change rule double value of goals

“Maybe it changes the mentality a bit, but I don’t think on the pitch you’re thinking about keeping a clean sheet. It’s a good change of rule in my opinion.”

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