• Madrid is considering signing if players like Ceballos, Asensio, or Mayoral come out. We are looking for a young, promising striker profile at a good price.

The door to the incorporation of a center forward who fulfills the role of substitute for Benzema in a season so full of games (six titles and the addition of the World Cup) remains open. With so many focuses still open in the squad, especially in terms of the future of Mariano and Mayoral, but also of Ceballos and Asensio, Madrid keeps the radar active for that position. It all depends on the assets that you lose in the attack from here to the end of the market and the profitability that you get from the hypothetical exits.

The profile of nines that are in the orbit of sports management corresponds to a very defined type of footballer. There is only a bunch of options. Young players are around 20 years old and are still truly untapped. Bets in the future accept the role of complement to Benzema, but they have options to establish themselves in the starting lineup in the future if all goes well. On the other hand, you must meet an essential requirement, that you have a community passport. Real Madrid already has the three places that LaLiga allows covered with Vinicius, Rodrygo, and Militao, and for that reason, they have had to leave Reinier aside.

In any case, the incorporation of this nine is only contemplated in the event that the departures of Ceballos and Asensio materialize, above all. They are the two most complicated cases at Real Madrid today. Regarding Ceballos, according to the information that ،KG is considering, no offer has yet arrived at the Bernabéu offices for the player. The player from Utrera is very much to Ancelotti’s liking, and if he stays he will have minutes. The own player knows it by the mouth of the technician. However, he does not have a renewal offer on the table either. Madrid leaves that for later if he stays, and only considers selling it if a good offer arrives that exceeds 15 or 20 million euros.

The arrival of a nine is also subject, obviously, to the departure of Marco Asensio. The Mallorcan’s environment leaked a few days ago that he wanted to stay and fulfill his contract, which expires in 2023. Then he can go out for free. Asensio, who scored 12 goals last season, sees himself with options to have minutes after Mbappé did not arrive, but in Madrid, they still do not know if it is a strategy to cheapen his departure from him. Otherwise, it is strange that he has put himself in the hands of Jorge Mendes. As with Ceballos, in no case would the club undersell him.

Hazard, Mayoral, Mariano…

Ancelotti is insistently testing Hazard in the position of 9 in the USA. It may be that his intention is that the offices really check what will remain in the event that the Mayoral finally leaves for Getafe, a movement that has gained a lot of strength in recent times. days and that the Italian coach himself seemed to favor when he did not give the youth squad a single minute in the last friendly against América. Neither he nor Mariano. With that, he seemed to indicate the exit door to both of them.

The Italian coach already considers Mariano a hopeless case. He gave him 20 minutes in Las Vegas, but first, he tried Hazard in the 9th position and then Rodrigo. In the last three seasons, in which he has only managed to score three goals, the Hispanic-Dominican has alternated calls with his constant injuries. Mayoral, on the other hand, does guarantee performance. In his first season on loan at Roma, he managed to score 17 goals without being a starter during the entire exercise. Then Mourinho crossed his path, and last season he sought a winter window loan to Getafe, where he scored 6 goals in 18 games.

Mayoral traveled to Los Angeles later than the rest of the team due to a problem with his vaccination card and with the intention of gaining a foothold in Ancelotti’s project. But at the same time, he negotiates with Getafe to cover his back. The azulon club is willing to pay 10 million for him and the contract ends in 2023… Madrid is willing to accept his departure, although it has given him until mid-August to decide. There are many pending variables, but the possibility that Real Madrid will give a turn to its strategy and end up signing a nine of the future, young so that he completes a period of learning and adaptation and ends up being a starter when Benzema leaves, is more real than ever.

market options

The European market offers several options that adjust to the premises that the white club manages. Sasa Kalajdzic, a 25-year-old Stuttgart striker, would be the oldest, but his contract (expires in 2023 and it slips that he will not renew) makes him a very attractive bargain. Three alternatives appear from the Red Bull factory, all of them in the Salzburg section. Matthias Jaissle’s starting pair this season, Noah Okafor (22 years old)-Benjamin Sesko (19), is complementary and, especially the Slovenian, very promising. Roko Simic stands out in the energetic subsidiary, an 18-year-old Italo-Croatian ‘killer’ who will soon knock the door of the first team down with goals. In the Bundesliga, we find Georgino Rutter, a striker raised in the always prolific Rennes academy who is already standing out at Hoffenheim at the age of 20, and Jonathan Burkardt (22), the jewel in Mainz’s crown. Brian Brobbey (20) who has regained his smile at Ajax, after not finding his powerful football at Leipzig, and Armando Broja (20), one of the most precious jewels in the Premier, also fit into Madrid’s parameters. A lot of potential and talent will surely move millions in future markets, time will tell if his destiny is the Santiago Bernabeu.

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