• The Italian coach was questioned about the current issue at Real Madrid

It was not just another press conference at the Ciudad Deportiva de Valdebebas and that was known in advance. The ‘ Casemiro Question ‘ was what hovered over the press room and, from the first moment, Carlo Ancelotti had to deal with the subject and has been more than clear with the subject: the Brazilian midfielder wants to go to Manchester United.

“It is an issue that I have discussed with Casemiro. He wants to try a new challenge and a new opportunity. I think that the club itself also understands it because Casemiro, for what he has done, we have to respect his wishes. Now there are negotiations but nothing It’s official. It’s clear that his will is to leave and if he does, we have the resources to replace him.” 

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Convince Casemiro 

“I have not tried to convince him because Casemiro has helped us a lot and then listening to his will and his desire I think there is no way to go back and we have to wish him the best”.

Substitute for Casemiro

“If the negotiations continue, Casemiro will not travel to Vigo. And within the squad, we have the replacement. Tchouaméni has been signed for this and Toni Kroos can also play in this position. We have Camavinga who also played in that position last year. In my teams in this position Pirlo has played, who did not have the characteristics of Casemiro.

Knowledge of output

I listen and read sometimes and you don’t pay much attention to it and yesterday I already realized that this could happen. But Real Madrid‘s plans do not change. We will fight for all the competitions with or without Casemiro but of course, we have a special affection for him”. 

Characteristics of Casemiro 

“The combination between Modric, Casemiro, and Kroos has been very important for the success of this period at Real Madrid .”

locker room sentiment

“The players respect Casemiro ‘s decision and have the utmost affection for him. We are not angry or sad. It is clear that we are not happy but respect for his decision prevails.

“We have six midfielders who are: Valverde, Ceballos, Camavinga, Modric, Kroos, and Tchouaméni and all six are very, very good”

Casemiro’s reasons

“I cannot reveal the private conversations. The reasons will have to be explained by him.”

Characteristics of Tchouaméni

“He has to learn, get used to it and position himself better. He is very forceful in duels, he gets to the rival goal. It is clear that I am not going to tell him to play like Casemiro. He has to improve but he is ready to play for Real Madrid”. 

Leave Real Madrid

“These are personal issues. Casemiro understands very well what Real Madrid is but then there is more. It happened to me when I was the coach of Milan. I was very good but I wanted to try something new, a new experience. 

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