Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti expressed his happiness at qualifying for the Champions League final with an exciting victory at the expense of Manchester City 3-1, which was held between them on Wednesday evening at the “Santiago Bernabeu” in the second leg of the Champions League semi-finals for the current season. 2021-2022.

After the match, Carlo Ancelotti said: “We played a very difficult role in the round of 16, some of us in the quarter-finals are very difficult, and some semi-finals are very difficult against three candidates to be champions. It did not work yet because the last step was missing.”

Ancelotti added: “The match was competitive, when it seemed to be over, we found the last energy to reward it.”

Ancelotti explained: “When we put ourselves at the front of the match, we gained an important psychological advantage. It happened to me against Liverpool in the final that I lost.”

Carlo Ancelotti stressed: “In the first half we did well, and we missed success between the lines, and we did not enjoy Karim Benzema in the last third. We managed to eliminate three candidates to win the competition, and we did not succeed anymore. The last step is missing.”

Ancelotti continued: “I think explaining it is not easy, when the world thought the match was over little details were missing, Rodrygo’s goal, you have to have a little luck, the opponent was strong and the match was competitive.

Ancelotti stressed: “We had everything, luck, sacrifice, and commitment. The changes helped us. It was a strong match. It went well.”

Carlo Ancelotti continued: “Explaining this is not easy, the charm of this stadium, the weight of this shirt, the history of this club, and the pride of belonging to this club.”

Ancelotti confirmed: “I am very happy to be playing another final against a great team Liverpool. I met them in 1984, 2005, and 2007. I lived in Liverpool for two years and it is like a derby, I am still part of Everton.”

Ancelotti stressed: “Players never lower their arms but here is something special, talking about this is an inexplicable fact. We have to thank these players. I can’t stop thanking them for what they do.”

Ancelotti added: “No one thought that Real Madrid would play another final this year, but we are there now.”

Ancelotti continued: “The future is guaranteed but Casemiro, Kroos, and Modric were good at pressing, I changed them to put energy, these three will continue and behind them, there are high-quality guys.”

Carlo Ancelotti continued: “In extra time the most important thing was the psychological aspect. When you can get to the last minute it is clear that City are in psychological decline. We sought more energy and controlled well. Psychologically we had an advantage.”

Ancelotti concluded: “I know Klopp well, he is a great coach. I have great respect for him and I think it will be a great final. Two teams with different characteristics. A football final is very close.”

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