Q2 Monochrom .. Leica’s newest camera

The German company Leica announced its latest monochrome camera called the Q2 Monochrom, which is a copy of the Leica Q2 camera that was launched last year.

It is not surprising that Leica has launched non-standard cameras, such as the Leica M10-D that lacks an LCD screen, or the different generations of M Monochrom cameras that capture only black and white photos.

The Q2 Monochrom has a new 47.3-megapixel monochrome sensor and is available starting November 10 for $ 5,995.

The Q2 Monochrom is the company’s first monochrome autofocus camera, as all previous models were based on M-series rangefinders.

The new camera is based on the Leica Q2 camera, and it shares the design, the viewfinder, the autofocus system, the processor, the battery and the software, and the 28mm fixed lens with f / 1.7 aperture has not changed, as well as the weather resistance rating according to the IP52 standard.

The new camera includes a 47MP full-frame black and white sensor that can capture a wide dynamic range, and has better low light sensitivity than the Leica Q2 color sensor.

Leica claims that the camera has a higher effective resolution than the color sensor due to the lack of a color filter matrix, despite the same physical pixels, and the highest resolution in a monochrome camera you can get.

Leica says: It has completely redesigned the internal sensor to make a monochrome camera, and this includes micro lenses that focus light on each individual pixel, which allows black and white cameras to work better in situations of high sensitivity and capture a wider dynamic range.

Leica has revised the menus to remove all settings irrelevant to monochrome cameras, and you also get only three color filters suitable for black and white photography.

The M Monochrom collection has been a favorite of black and white photographers since its original release in 2012, due to its ability to capture better detail than color images that are converted to black and white.

Many people find that a monochrome camera is not of much value, but there are reasons to think about it, as a monochrome camera does not have a color filter above the sensor, which allows the sensor to capture more light.

The image is also cleaner at the pixel level, as there is no noise generated by the algorithms, and the noise is less, given the absence of color noise.

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