Project Latte brings Android apps to Windows

Microsoft is considering adding Android applications to Windows in 2021 through Project Latte, which aims to bring Android applications to Windows and the Microsoft Store.

More details about the initiative have now emerged, giving us a better idea of how everything works.

Project Latte allows app developers to bring Android apps to Windows 10 with little or no code changes.

Developers are sending apps through Microsoft Store packages like MSIX, and the project is said to run through the Windows subsystem for Linux, WSL.

It is claimed that Microsoft needs to provide its own Android subsystem to run Android apps.

Project Latte is also said to lack support for Google Play services, given that Google does not allow Google Play services to be installed on anything other than Android devices and the Chrome OS.

Apps that require any APIs provided by Google Play Services need to be updated to ensure proper functionality works across Windows 10.

Apps may not function properly without support for Google Play services, or some functions may suffer from problems, such as no push notifications.

Applications will likely need to be recompiled for x86 processors unless Microsoft implements some kind of compatibility or emulation layer.

Windows users can currently run Android applications on their computers through the Your Phone application, but the service is currently limited to Samsung users.

The ability to install and run Android applications locally via a computer provides a much better experience and is likely to enhance the Windows platform, given that it will not depend on a specific smartphone.

The new project may make the Windows operating system a direct competitor to Google’s Chrome OS, which can run Android and Linux applications.

Microsoft currently supports many platforms for applications, including PWA, UWP, Win32 and Linux, and adding Android applications can make Windows a near-universal system when it comes to application support.

The information claims Microsoft hopes to announce Project Latte next year, and may make it available as part of the fall 2021 release of Windows 10.

It is reported that Microsoft had previously tried to bring Android applications to Windows 10 via a project codenamed Project Astoria that did not see the light of day.

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