“Private Share” is a Samsung file transfer app

Reports indicate that the South Korean company Samsung is preparing to introduce a new file-sharing feature known as Private Share.

This year, the company introduced a smart feature for Quick Share that makes it easy to share files between the company’s smartphones and tablets.

According to the reports, the new feature uses blockchain technology to provide a more secure file transfer experience.

The company takes inspiration from ephemeral messaging, where senders control when a file share expires.

Once the sharing expires, this file will be deleted from the recipient’s device, and the Private Share app also prevents recipients from re-sharing the files and taking a screenshot of them.

However, there is nothing to prevent the recipient from taking a photo of said information via another device.

According to the report, the Private Share feature works similarly to the Quick Share feature.

Both the sender and the recipient need to have the Private Share app, and once the sender sends a transfer request to the recipient, a private channel is created after the request is accepted.

The new sharing method is expected to appear as one of the new features offered by Samsung with the upcoming Galaxy S21 lineup.

It is unclear whether this private sharing feature will be exclusive to the latest Samsung devices, or will it eventually roll out to other Samsung phones in the group.

It is reported that this will not be Samsung’s first experience with blockchain technology, as the Galaxy S10 previously introduced a blockchain wallet to securely handle cryptocurrencies.

Reports indicate that the South Korean company may introduce a new flagship device in early January 2021, and the phone is expected to hit store shelves at the end of the month.

There are a number of ways you can transfer files between mobile devices. You can use Bluetooth, NFC, Nearby Share, Samsung’s Quick Share, or send an email to the recipient if it is not a large file.

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