Playstation 5 will not support more storage at launch

Sony Playstation 5 will be launched soon and come with fixed amount of internal storage. However, gamers planning to install and keep a lot of games might know that they can increase the total storage memory of the Playstation 5, but it should be noted that Sony’s new home gaming device will not support the ability to expand storage at launch.

In a statement issued by the famous site The Verge, Sony appears to have told the site that the ability to increase the storage memory of the Playstation 5 will arrive at a later time. What this basically means is that although the Playstation 5 has the hardware needed to expand the device’s storage, it appears that this feature will be disabled at launch and will be re-activated at a later time through a system update.

This was actually revealed by Sony’s hardware engineer, Mr. Mark Cerny, at Sony’s Playstation division, who spoke in March of the Playstation 5’s ability to increase its storage space through external storage. Mr. Mark Cerny was quoted as saying at the time: “It would be nice if it happened to you on launch day, but it will likely get a little overlooked, so please don’t get those M.2s until you hear that from us”.

We’re sure some gamers were hoping that the time from March until now would allow Sony to activate this feature, but we think that won’t be the case. The Verge website has already contacted several manufacturers that were unable to confirm whether their external storage will work with Playstation 5, as some of those companies said that Sony’s compatibility test program has not yet started.

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