Senegalese footballer, Sadio Mane, who moved to Bayern Munich from Liverpool during the current summer transfers, spoke during the press conference held this evening, Wednesday, to present it to the media.

Sadio Mane said: “I chose Bayern because it was the best project for me. I received other offers but Bayern Munich was always my first goal. I want to help the team win more titles.”

Sadio Mane added: “I’ve always thought that Bayern is the right club for me to develop with, so I promise I will soon be able to answer your questions also in German . 

Sadio Maneq stressed: “You have to ask the coach, I am a player who can play in three or four positions, and I feel comfortable everywhere. I am happy when they do not put me in defense or in goal, it would also be better for the club.”

Sadio Mane continued: “I was 19 years old when I left the house, it was not easy, of course I want my whole family to be there, but it is not easy, my mother does not want to leave me alone, my uncle will visit me, I am a big boy and I can live alone, but if They wanted to come and live here, I’m happy.”

Sadio Mane said: “I was in a great club and I can say that I achieved everything, when I see the Bayern team I see how strong they are. Here, I believe in this project.”

Sadio Mane
Sadio Mane

Sadio Mane added: “It was very important for me to get to know him and the project. He explained what his ideas were. I was very impressed and immediately saw myself in the project. I didn’t have to think twice and accepted immediately. I made the decision straight away . 

Sadio Mane stressed: “The team is the most important thing, if I can score goals, I help my team, that’s why I’m here, this is the most important thing in the whole story . 

Sadio Mane confirmed: “I don’t know if he is very happy because I came here, he is a great coach, I have also followed the Bundesliga for many years in Salzburg, I have enough thoughts about this atmosphere.”

Sadio Mane continued: “We haven’t talked about it yet, of course there are many numbers, it doesn’t matter what number I play with” .

Presented by Sadio Mane

The Senegal star said: “My whole life is a challenge, I love challenges, we have a strong team in Bayern Munich, and we want to win everything. All the players here are made to win titles, I am one of them . 

Sadio Mane explained: “Thomas Muller seems to be an incredibly nice guy, I am delighted to be able to play with him, I can’t wait to join the team personally and get to know the players . 

Sadio Mane noted: “As a player, you always represent your country. We Senegalese always try to represent our country in the best possible way. Of course, I want to make everyone proud of my home country.”

Sadio Mane said: “When Bayern showed their interest, I was impressed and didn’t take long to think. I had other offers too, but I chose Bayern Munich. This is the club for me. I’m sure about that”.

Sadio Mane said: “This is the same Sadio, I have not changed, perhaps I am more hungry for success. I want to achieve something great with Bayern Munich . “

Sadio Mane stressed: “Juergen Klopp wanted to keep me, he is a great man and he understood my situation. I wish the best for Liverpool”.

Sadio Mane Conference

Sadio Mane said: “I had 6 wonderful years at Liverpool with great people, of course no one was happy to leave me, I played in the league for 8 years, Bayern is the right club to try something new.”

Sadio Mane continued: “We fought for every title in Liverpool, we will do the same with Bayern Munich. When you play with the Bavarian, you must have the mentality that you want to fight for every title . 

Mane added: “These are individual prizes, these are the fruits of labour, and I look forward to seeing results. These rewards are always motivating, and I do not want to diminish them in any way . 

Sadio Mane continued about the negotiations he had previously experienced with him by Bayern Munich: “My agent was there at the time, I scored a great goal against Bayern Munich. I always followed the German league, especially after my time in Austria. I am happy to play in one of the The biggest clubs in the world.

Sadio Mane concluded: “I was fortunate enough to play in Austria, France and England. Now I have a chance in Germany. I have worked hard in my life to play for one of the biggest clubs in the world. If you play Bayern Munich you know what to expect.”

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