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Manchester city agree deal to sign phillips from leeds

England international Phillips is moving closer to leaving his boyhood club, where he came through the academy and flourished under former boss Marcelo Bielsa.

Mohamed Salah is among the 5 greatest deals in the history of Liverpool

Liverpool FC didn't have the kind of financial power that some of their Premier League rivals have, but despite that, they've been one of the most successful teams in Europe throughout their history, and have gone on to strike some of the smartest transfer deals in recent times. By paying players who are completely satisfied with them and it has worked perfectly for them.

Three departures from Real Madrid, about to close

The operation from Real Madrid continues, although there are not some of the transferable players who aim to stay one more season at the Bernabéu. The three footballers who are close to leaving are Jovic, Reinier and Kubo.


  • Tottenham defender Emerson Royal was unscathed after he was targeted by a thief who drew a gun and demanded his belongings. An off-duty police officer, who Royal said “risked his life”, intervened and – according to local media – exchanged gunfire with the man. “I will be forever grateful to you,” Royal wrote in an Instagram post.

Tottenham defender Emerson Royal narrowly escaped injury during an attempted armed robbery in Sao Paulo and thanked an off-duty police officer who said he “risked his life” for the intervention.
Royal was targeted by a thief who pulled out a gun and demanded his belongings during an incident outside a nightclub in his native Brazil.
Police said the officer chased after the attacker and exchanged fire with him, while the player escaped unharmed.

“I will be forever grateful to you,” wrote Royal in an Instagram post.
The Brazilian right-back added: “God sends angels to earth, and that’s for sure every day of my life. This human and I call him an angel, risked his life to save my life.”
Local media reported that the man exchanged 29 bullets with the officer before hitting him in the back.

Royal is currently on vacation in his home country and has been partying with his family and friends at New Trips nightclub.

He was targeted shortly after leaving the club before 03:00 local time.

“I was partying and on my way out, this whole relationship happened, and it was really bad,” the star’s father, Emerson Zulu, told Globo Esporte. “A really scary scene. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

“[The policeman] went as usual with Royal to the car and when he realized there was a burglary and the criminal was pointing the gun at Emerson, while the criminal was distracted, the policeman started to exchange shots with him.

“He was accompanied by about five or six people. Everyone went to one side running and evaded because they did not know where the shots were coming from.”

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Surprise .. Neymar’s agent offers him to Barcelona

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Guardiola: “Bernardo Silva? I don’t want players who don’t want to be there”

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