• The GaltierCampos duo has established unprecedented standards in recent years within the squad. Have breakfast together, do not use the mobile at meals…

Neither Luis Campos nor Christophe Galtier have signed for PSG to go on vacation. The duo that already made Lille champions in Ligue 1 have established discipline as the lynchpin of their decisions since joining the Parisians last June. According to L’Équipe, both have implemented a series of rules that must be strictly adhered to or, otherwise, there will be consequences.

The first one is breakfast. PSG players must arrive at the sports city of Camp des Loges between 8:30 and 8:45 and any player who arrives late, regardless of name, will not be authorized to train with the rest of the squad and must return home. In the Oredoo sports center, in addition, the footballers must have breakfast together without mobile phones. Campos wants to prevent different groups from forming within the locker room and his goal is to promote integration between different languages ​​so that there is more cohesion on the pitch.

Surprisingly, Neymar is, according to L’Équipe, a paradigmatic case of discipline since PSG’s pre-season began. The Brazilian, before the tour in Japan, was one of the first to arrive at the sports city and advanced his vacation a week to get fit physically. Although Al-Khelaïfi and Qatar want to get rid of his services, the former Barcelona player wants to succeed in Paris. At the moment, the discipline seems to have taken effect in a PSG accustomed to internal disasters during the last five years.

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