“OPPO” Prepares for Its Big Hit … a Phone with a Camera “Never Made Before”

Technical reports revealed that the design team at the company “OPPO” is working on a new phone that supports a rear camera that can be removed and removed.

According to a patent for “OPPO”, her phone will enable users, in a first of its kind, to remove the camera, which will give them more flexibility when taking the picture, especially the “selfie”.

The small camera is equipped with a battery of its own, and will support connection to the “Wi-Fi” wireless network and “near-field communication” or “NFC” and “Bluetooth”.

The camera also integrates a USB port, allowing it to be connected directly to the phone’s private port, which allows images to be transferred to the device and to make adjustments that the user wants.

The “OPPO” in the new phone will provide upgrade options for the camera in case the user wants to get another with higher quality and capabilities than those available in the device.

The patent showed the presence of two sensors on the camera in addition to a “flash”, which indicates its ability to take pictures in low-light areas.

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