OnePlus releases its first smart watch in 2021

The Chinese company OnePlus intends to make its first smart watch in 2021, according to Pete Lau, CEO of the company, announced through his official account on the Twitter platform.

This marked the first entry into the wearables field of the Chinese smartphone company.

There are not many details yet about the upcoming device, including the operating system through which the smart watch works, the price, or even the exact date of release.

Lau notes only that OnePlus will launch the smartwatch in early 2021, and it may not take much effort to guess the watch’s visibility with the OnePlus 9 phone, which is also slated to launch early in March.

It is known that the idea of a smart watch from OnePlus is not new, as the company designed a few years ago a smart watch working with Wear OS (which was then called Android Wear).

OnePlus is working with Google to improve parts of Wear OS, and Lau said: “Wear OS definitely has room for improvement.

“What we’re trying to do is work with Google to try to improve connectivity between Wear OS, Android TV and Android smartphones to create this capability to improve interoperability of devices across ecosystems,” he added.

“We have completed the design but decided to cancel it, as we have to be focused,” Lau said.

OnePlus began to expand outside phones in recent years, as in addition to the lineup of advanced smartphones every year, the company now manufactures a range of headphones, Nord phones, and even smart TVs.

The launch of the first smartwatch from OnePlus in 2021 comes on the heels of the company’s release of its Oppo Watch smartwatches earlier this year, which was similar to the first smartwatch made by the company.

Given that there is no shortage of similarities in the past between OPPO and OnePlus products, the two companies are owned by the huge conglomerate BBK Electronics, it is possible that the next OnePlus watch will take some signals from the current Oppo Watch.

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