New features in Firefox update

The Mozilla Foundation has launched a new version of the Firefox browser called (Firefox 83) that provides faster page loads and less memory usage, and supports some new features that improve security, and provide a greatly improved experience for users of the desktop and smartphones.

The new version of Firefox comes with many updates in its JavaScript engine – called (SpiderMonkey) – that improves page load times by up to 15%, page response by up to 12%, and reduces memory usage by up to 8%.

Here are 5 of the most important new features in the Firefox update:

1- The new HTTPS-Only mode to improve security:

The most important characteristic of Firefox version 83 is that it supports a number of security improvements, in addition to many security fixes in the Android application, it offers (HTTPS-Only) mode for users of the desktop version, which is a mode once activated, the browser will download sites that support the HTTPS protocol Encoder only.

If the site supports HTTP only, the browser will alert you and ask for your consent to download the site; This makes the browser more secure while browsing the web and using your credit card.

2- Improved PIP feature to display videos:

The PIP (picture in picture) feature now supports keyboard shortcuts to control video clips, so you can use the arrow keys to forward or go back 15 seconds within video clips while playing them in a small window, or control the volume, as follows:

  • ↓ button: to decrease the volume
  • ↑ button: to increase the volume.
  • ← button: to go back 15 seconds.
  • → button: To forward by 15 seconds.

3- New feature for touch screen:

The release of the new Firefox browser also supports the feature of zooming in or out of web pages via touch, which is an important feature for those who use MacBook devices that support the touch bar, or Windows laptops with touch screens.

4- Improving the tab search feature:

Firefox browser has improved its search features, similar to Chrome; You can search the open tabs to easily reach the tag you want, and you can also use the new icons appearing at the bottom of the search panel to redirect your search to a specific site – such as: Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, or eBay – or to search within bookmarks. Bookmark, tabs, or your record for a specific word.

5- Improved PDF Reader:

Mozilla has also redesigned the built-in PDF reader in Firefox, and the new design will appear as soon as the browser is updated, and there is no need to activate it as in Chrome, and most importantly; You can fill out PDF forms directly in your browser, save and print their contents.

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