New feature in Edge browser to reduce computer resource consumption

Microsoft is constantly adding new features to the Edge browser to improve performance, and at the same time reduce the consumption of your computer’s resources, and for this, the company launched a new feature called (Sleeping Tabs) to reduce the browser consumption of random access memory (RAM) and a unit The central processing (CPU) of your computer.

What are the details?

This feature is now available in the beta version of the upcoming release (Microsoft Edge 88), the final version of which is scheduled to be launched during January 2021.

Microsoft says: “The (Sleeping Tabs) feature in Edge browser reduces RAM usage by 32% on average, and reduces processor usage by 37% on average, so it helps extend laptop battery life as well.”

Although the computer performance of each user varies according to the different specifications and usage, the comments from users were very positive according to the company, as this decrease in the use of computer resources and increase the battery life has improved their browsing experience, and for this the company has added some updates to the feature, which Include:

  • Added an option to pause tabs after five minutes of inactivity.
  • Group policies to better manage sleeper tabs and are available to IT administrators.
  • Optimized visual processing to clearly show dormant tabs in Edge Browser without being distracted from the task at hand.

So the “Sleeping Tabs” feature will help you improve the performance of Edge browser by making resources available for the tabs you really use.

But at the same time, the company warned users that putting some tabs in silent mode in the Edge browser might negatively affect active sites, and as such, the company promised that it would alert users about which tabs should remain active.

In addition, the 88th version of the browser will support the feature (vertical tabs), which helps users to manage multiple tabs, and provides you with security alerts in case the user’s password is found in an Internet leak, and it will also make it easier for users to manage the site’s permissions. And delete cookies from third parties.

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