Netflix launches audio-only listening mode on Android

The video-streaming service Netflix has begun launching a new update that allows users to hide the image of shows and movies to hear only their audio.

When watching a video, subscribers to Netflix will see a new button called video-off at the top of the screen during full-screen playback. By clicking on that button, the screen will go black with the appearance of control controls, such as: forward and delay buttons, and speed adjustment.

There is also an audio-off option in the app’s settings, and it allows viewers to select the audio to be turned off always, or only when using headphones or external speakers.

It is believed that this update from Netflix is ​​interesting, especially as it comes at a time when the podcast industry has become very popular, so the company may try to outdo other services, such as: Spotify, which is trying to dominate this market.

Twitter is also strengthening its presence in this market by launching the Voice Tweets feature. There are also apps like Clubhouse and Tik Tok that focus on sound as critical to their success in the market.

The Netflix app for Android from Google has been adding new features and testing them steadily over the past few months, including: adding a lock screen button, playback speed controls, allowing users to watch TV shows, and partially downloaded movies, in addition to other features.

In an effort to attract new subscribers, the streaming giant has begun offering a few of its original shows and movies for free, and will host an event called StreamFest next month to allow Indian users to try the service for free for two days.

netflix audio only
netflix audio only
netflix audio only
netflix audio only

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