Mmhmm video chat app is now available for Mac devices

The Mmhmm virtual camera app is out of beta and is officially available for Mac. The app is used to create virtual rooms, backgrounds and presentations during video conference calls.

The application features free and paid levels, as well as an exclusive feature for users of the new Apple computers equipped with the M1 chip.

The main idea of the app is to make video calls more attractive and expressive, rather than having simple common backgrounds and green screen backgrounds.

Mmhmm attempts to bridge this gap by giving users the ability to superimpose a scalable version of themselves on photos, videos, and slides and share a live feed of all of this in video calls.

The app acts as a control over the backgrounds and effects you use or the presentation you provide, regardless of the video chatting platform you use.

You can also collaborate on presentations using the Co-Pilot feature, create presentations with a friend or hand over controls while you speak.

And there are also fun effects, like 3D Jedi filters and Big Hand mode to bring excitement to non-commercial calling.

The new Big Hand mode is exclusive to the new Apple computers equipped with the M1 chip, because it relies on machine learning capabilities of the chip and appears to be a way to facilitate non-verbal communication in conference calls.

And Big Hand mode places a colorful hand over your hand, so you can lift your thumb up or deliver peace in a visual way.

Mmhmm ​​divides its features into two levels:

Featured: Provides customizable backgrounds and fun tools, like laser pointers and filters.
Basic: Provides the primary functionality for presenting, recording, and collaborating on presentations.

Mmhmm ​​customers can use the premium tools within a free seven-day trial, after which they will only be able to use the premium tools for an hour per day.

And for unlimited access, Mmhmm ​​has subscriptions for $ 9.99 a month or $ 99 a year.

In addition, there are several other ways to use the premium tools for a longer period, so that if they are part of the trial version, you will be given 3 months of premium tools.

Students and educators can also get the premium tools for one year for free if they confirm their status by sending from the school email.

Mmhmm ​​is currently only available via macOS, and the company is developing a beta version for Windows.

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