Misleading and directing … Facebook and Twitter suspend thousands of accounts

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These accounts were created recently, and have been found to be spreading misinformation about voting in the US election.

With the current US presidential election exceptionally raging, and the escalation of competition and sharp division alike, thousands of social media accounts have been broadcasting misinformation and rumors in order to divert the voters’ path.

This prompted Facebook and Twitter, during the past hours, to suspend many news accounts, for violating their policies, according to Reuters.

These accounts were created recently and have been found to be spreading misinformation about voting in the US election.

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While Twitter stated that the accounts were suspended for violating its policy against “coordination”, or engaging in cryptic automated behavior. Facebook indicated that it had suspended it due to what it called “non-genuine behavior,” meaning that those accounts were created specifically to adopt a specific position and guide readers in the midst of the presidential race.

It is noteworthy that some of those accounts collected thousands of followers.

And Facebook had simultaneously made it clear that it would use warning signs in the event that any candidate or any of their Republican or Democratic party announced his victory early, pledging to add more specific information about specific publications, and in the notifications field, as well as issuing a picture showing what the election posters would look like for users in Both platforms are Facebook and Instagram.

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