Microsoft launches tool to help companies deal with data

Microsoft Corporation announced Thursday a new cloud-based tool designed to help corporate customers understand where data is spread throughout their operations, and ensure they comply with data privacy regulations.

After Microsoft became famous for the Windows operating system and office applications, such as: Office, it expanded towards strengthening its presence in the field of cloud computing, with the aim of helping corporate customers store and process massive amounts of data.

Last year, the US software giant introduced a tool called Azure Synapse, which giants like FedEx are using to analyze the flow of 16 million parcels per day.

But for large companies, data stores have become very large, and distributed across many countries, which prompted Microsoft to launch a new tool called Azure Purview to help companies better understand their information, in addition to knowing where that data is.

John Cherapurath – Vice President of Azure Data and Artificial Intelligence – told press sources: The new tool is designed to help data privacy and risk management officials ensure that their companies comply with rules, such as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation.

The new tool uses artificial intelligence to discover sensitive or organized data, and is able to hide it automatically, by refining data on European customers from the sales report to unauthorized US employees.

“Creating insights from data is one thing, but asking questions about the data itself is another,” Cherapurath said. Example: Can we use this data? Or are we responsible for the fair use of this data? He added, “These terms may sound esoteric, but they are essential to how a modern business is run. You should be able to trust your data. ”

Microsoft said on Thursday: That a number of customers have started using, and Cherapurath said: It is expected to become available to everyone “soon”.

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