Microsoft launches the next generation of Xbox platforms

Microsoft on Tuesday launched two models of its Xbox gaming platform, seven years after the previous version first appeared, to take advantage of the pandemic-driven boom in consumer spending on games.

The Xbox Series X – which the company has described as the most powerful platform in the world – sells for $ 499.99, while the lower-priced Xbox Series S sells for $ 299.99.

The strategy provides consumers with greater options, but the Xbox Series S platform faces criticism; It’s less powerful than the Xbox Series X, with less storage, and lacks advanced ray-tracing graphics for games like Devil May Cry 5.

Next-generation Xbox platforms are competing with Sony’s PlayStation 5, due for release on Thursday.

PlayStation 5 is widely seen as a leader in console gaming, given its huge fan base and the wide range of exclusive games available at launch.

This marks the first time that Microsoft launches the gaming platform globally on the same day, and the company said: It has witnessed high initial requests for Xbox platforms across different markets.

While the initial bid offerings sold out quickly, Microsoft said additional stock would be available at launch.

There were some early problems in the supply chain in the first and second quarters due to the Chinese manufacturing plants being closed due to the Corona pandemic, but these factories have since returned to operating normally.

Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service of more than 100 games, including all-new games, is seen as the company’s best weapon to beat the PlayStation dominance.

Game Pass has grown rapidly to over 15 million users since its launch.

Xbox platforms are seen as lacking critical launch games, as Halo, the main game in the series, has been delayed to next year due to the pandemic.

“Each studio faces unique challenges and limitations depending on its location, and many of our external development partners around the world are also affected,” said (Ryan Cameron), responsible for the Xbox brand’s marketing strategy in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

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