Microsoft begins testing Kids Mode for Microsoft Edge

Microsoft announced Kids Mode for its Microsoft Edge web browser, and the mode contains many features to protect children while browsing the web.

Kids Mode is currently rolling out to Edge Insider users via Dev and Canary, and the Microsoft Edge Insider homepage is sharing more about Kids Mode.

Kids Mode contains custom browser features and kid-friendly articles to help kids surf the web safely.

The mode also has a Bing SafeSearch feature to keep children away from adult search results, and it identifies tracking prevention as strict, and Microsoft designed Kids Mode with children between the ages of 5 and 12 in mind.

Kids mode can be turned on via the browser’s profile picker, and does not require a sub-account, so it should be easy to set up and use, even if you are using a shared computer.

Exit Kids Mode requires a password, and with the password you can give exceptions while browsing.

For example, if your child wants to visit a site that you know is kid-friendly, but is blocked by Kids Mode, you can grant access to it.

Parents can choose the sites that their children can access, and the mode contains an allow list, which parents can use to adjust the browsing experience.

The allow list should lead to some fine control over the children’s position, which is good because parents may want to adjust the position as the children mature.

Microsoft plans to add more features and functions to Kids Mode over time, and it is currently rolling out to Microsoft Edge Insider users.

Kids Mods are common features of streaming services and devices, such as the Just for Kids account with the Netflix service and Amazon FreeTime service found on Fire tablets and Fire TV sticks.

Having some child-centered settings that you can operate easily helps save you the hassle by picking and choosing what your child can try.

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