•  Players from Chivas and América gave a joint conference to ask for a stop to the violence

Chivas and America ask that the Classic rivalry stay on the pitch

Prior to the National Classic this Saturday at the Akron Stadium, Chivas and América gave a joint press conference, where they called for peace in this match, after the pitched fight in Corregidora last week.

“Soccer is a show where you can go as a family to enjoy your team, we as soccer players have to set an example from the field and we must live in peace,” said Guillermo Ochoa, goalkeeper of América, during the press conference.

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— Club América (@ClubAmerica) March 12, 2022

Isaac Brizuela took the floor and recalled the criticism that Oribe Peralta received a few tournaments ago for being caught talking with soccer players from the “Eagles” at the end of a National Classic at the Azteca.

“Whoever they see us talking to a partner they take it badly, from there we are talking to all the fans, we are professional colleagues and we hope that more people join this initiative,” said the “Little Bunny”.

After the conference, both Guadalajara and the “Azulcremas” and the other Liga MX teams published videos on social networks as part of the “Shout for peace” campaign, to try to eradicate violence.

There will be no bars in Chivas vs. America

One of the measures taken as a result of the fight in Querétaro vs. Atlas was that access to the visiting bars was prohibited, so the entertainment groups from America will not be at Akron.

In addition, Amaury Vergara, owner of Chivas, announced that the one from Guadalajara will not be able to enter the stadium either and the place assigned for the fans will be occupied by children, who were invited by the board of directors of the “Sacred Flock”.

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