•  The French midfielder of Manchester United denounces the raid by thieves

They break into Pogba's house with his children inside!

Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba revealed that his house was robbed on Tuesday while the duel against Atlético de Madrid was being played and that his children were at home when the thieves raided the house.

“Last night our family’s worst nightmare came true when our home was burglarized while our babies slept in his room,” Pogba said in a statement posted on Twitter.


— Paul Pogba (@paulpogba) March 16, 2022

“The burglars were in our home for less than five minutes, but in that time, they took away something more valuable than anything we had in our home…our sense of security.”

Pogba, who issued a reward for information, said he was informed of the theft after the game.

“My wife and I ran home not knowing if our children were safe or unharmed. As a parent, there is no worse feeling in this world than not being there to protect your children and I sincerely hope no one has to feel what I felt.” the last night”.

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