Savic: Manchester United is a great and very strong team..and winning the Champions League is difficult


Stefan Savic, the Spanish player of Atletico Madrid, confirmed that the Manchester United team has a distinguished group of players, before the fiery confrontation scheduled to take place at ten in the evening tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “Wanda Metropolitano”, in the first leg of the 16th round of the Champions League this season. .

“It is a great team, they have a lot of history in the Champions League, they have very good players, a very strong team, and we also have our chances,” Savic said in his comments about the match.

Savic added: “We know how difficult it is to win champions, we will always try and I am sure this club deserves it and one day they will win in the very near future. I am sure.”

The Atletico defender continued: “My dream is to win the Champions League one day, I was really close to that in Milan, the next year we reached the semi-finals, and other years in the quarter-finals and being here we are fighting to win it.”

Savic sent a message to the fans: “I tell them trust us as you always do because we will get out of this situation as we showed in the last game. And support us as you always do.”

Savic continued: “I hope Simeone will continue for many more years, I have no doubts. I have been here at the club for seven years always with the coach, he is a great coach who has had a lot of success with Atletico and there is no need to talk about it. I have great confidence in him and I am sure of We’re all going to get out of this together.”

“I will always be associated with Atletico. If I don’t work at the club I will be a fan to death. If someone told me when I arrived that I would be here for seven years in a row it seemed impossible. But I feel at home, I feel comfortable.”




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