•  The fighter, a confessed follower of Manchester United, showed on his Twitter his interest in exploring the possibility of buying the club, for sale by Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich made the bombshell official: Chelsea is for sale. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine caused the start of the persecution in England of the Russian billionaire, with links to Vladimir Putin, and in a statement, he decided to announce that he will disassociate himself from the club once he finds a new owner.

There have been several candidates that have been talked about in the English media, but none with as much media power as Connor McGregor. The veracity of his intentions is unknown, or if he even has the 3,000 million needed to cover the current debt of the club, but for now it seems that there is interest.

On his Twitter account, McGregor shared an image of a WhatsApp conversation explaining to him that Chelsea was for sale and urging him to buy it, and his response was that “I want to explore the Chelsea option.”

I wish to explore this. @ChelseaFC pic.twitter.com/ABEjjCqhD7

— Conor McGregor (@TheNotoriousMMA) March 2, 2022

The 33-year-old fighter earns between 30 and 60 million euros for each UFC fight, depending on the pay-per-view, that’s not counting the more than 100 he took for the fight against Floyd Mayweather or what he will take in advertising and its own products, such as its Proper No 12 whiskey brand, which is its main source of income. With all this, maybe he could have enough to buy Chelsea, although until there is a firm offer everything is speculation.

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