Brazilian star Carlos Casemiro spoke about his joining Manchester United, his dreams and first impressions at Old Trafford, a previous visit to the Theater of Dreams, adaptation to the Premier League, and more in his first dialogue since his arrival from Real Madrid earlier this week.

In his interview with the official website of his new club, Manchester United, Casemiro said: First, thank you very much. There is no doubt that I am very excited. I was welcomed very warmly. A new challenge, I’m very happy, I feel like I’m 20 or 18, I’m excited to go, I’m excited to be among my teammates, it’s going to be hugely exciting and I’m very happy.

Cassie explained his first impressions by saying, As I said, the love from everyone around me was amazing when I arrived everyone was really friendly with me, they showed me a lot of affection and that’s what you like to feel as a person I’m really happy and excited and I feel like it’s a big and new challenge for me, so I want to work hard.

The Brazilian continued for Old Trafford! And his first impression is, ‘We know there’s a lot of history here. It’s a club with a lot of history. We’re talking about a club that won everything and I want to meet my teammates and help the team.’

“I know about Manchester United when I played in a competition here when I was 15, when I was in Sao Paulo I would never have dreamed of coming back here as a first-team player I always wanted to come here, and now that I am here again, I The happiest man alive and I can’t wait to work on the pitch and help my team-mates and team to win games and win trophies.

In response to a question, when did you hear about the possibility of a transition? “From the first moment, the Manchester United officials have been great to me and that’s what I need. They have shown me a lot of affection and I want to show as soon as possible my gratitude to them,” Casey said.

More than Manchester United, it’s the biggest club in England, it’s the club that has won the most trophies so I’m really happy and can’t wait to get started.

Continuing to play in the Premier League is exciting for me, of course, it is. The Premier League is a dream to play in. It’s a great league. With the respect the fans have for the players, the players for the fans, the players with the referees, the referees with the players, and the passion of the clubs when moving from the airport to the city, The city feels like it has football in the air and I think the stadium speaks for itself as well. The earth breathes football and I am happy to be here.

Casemiro continued, “Yes, my wife speaks English. I have a seven-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son. They speak English better than me.” Getting to know the English culture and talking to my friends, teammates, and all the club staff, I want to show everyone that I am one of them.

The new Manchester player continued, “Before coming here, I spoke to Fred, he is a friend with whom I played with the national team in a large number of matches and for years I know him well. He is a wonderful player and that is why he plays for Manchester United and the Brazilian national team. I have a special relationship with him, Fred has a lot of qualities I think.” He is a player with good movement, good passing, good shooting ability and can play with both feet. He is a great player. He is a very important player in this club and I think he will help me a lot because he is Brazilian and there is no doubt that it is important for me to have another Brazilian player here.

Carlos Casemiro, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafa Varane explained, “It is a pleasure to play alongside them. We can spend the whole day talking about Cristiano. He is one of the best players in football history, given his time at Real Madrid. I think we spent seven years together.” So I am honored to be playing again with these players but not just these players. I am looking forward to meeting my new teammates. I am very excited to be here at Manchester United.

In response to a question: Have you spoken to Cristiano and Rafael?, Cassie said, “I spoke to Rafa. He told me he is happy. His family is very happy here in Manchester. Cristiano is here and he is one of the best players in the history of football and I think he will continue to achieve many things.”

“I’m upset because I won’t be able to play in an important match like that (the Liverpool game) at Old Trafford. The stadium has a beautiful pitch, and a great atmosphere, and that’s really important. I’m really excited to be here and I can’t tell you how happy I am,” Casemiro said. Football, yes, it is a football country, more than just a city which I feel is a footballing nation and what I love most about England is the respect the fans have for the players and that is the most important thing.

What is his opinion of football in the Premier League? “English football is very physical and very difficult but what I love most about the players, referees, and fans in this country is that they are fair of course there is friction in football, and clashes, but the fairness with which you play in this league is the most beautiful thing,” said the Brazilian. We know it’s a competitive league, whether we’re playing at home or away, every game is very difficult. All teams are of a similar level, not just those in the Champions League or the Europa League. The top team can lose from the last place and that’s what the league looks like. It’s nice that it’s a very competitive tournament and I’m excited about it.

Did Casemiro address his message to the masses? “I am excited to be here and very happy I appreciate the affection everyone has shown me since day one I am sure I will give everything you can count on me like any other Manchester United player I want to win matches and trophies like all the players I am really looking forward to that and now,” he said. It’s about working hard and showing everyone what I can do as a footballer.

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