The Rabat police announced the arrest of 160 people, including 90 minors, in connection with the riots that followed the match between Maghreb Fez and the Royal Army, which won the first match in his favor, with two goals without a response, in the 16th round of the Moroccan Throne Cup at the Moulay Abdallah stadium in the capital.

Rabat police said in a statement that they arrested 160 on suspicion of their involvement in rioting, possession of white weapons, public drunkenness, and stone-throwing, which caused material losses to private and public properties.

Moroccan security said in its report, “Those involved in the riots caused 85 policemen to suffer injuries and injuries of varying severity, 63 of whom were taken to hospital.”

The statement added, “The people involved in the riots also committed a number of violations, most notably the sabotage of the facilities of the Prince Moulay Abdallah Complex stadium, and the “Mouse” screen, and the riots extended to the vicinity of the stadium, where they broke some cars, threatened the rest of the fans, and stole some mobile phones under threat. “

The riots began after the end of the match, as some fans of the Royal Army uprooted chairs, threw stones at the police, and stormed the pitch, in protest against the team’s loss and its exclusion from the 16th round of the Throne Cup.

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