macOS Big Sur disables old MacBook Pro

Many users of Apple computers are facing problems with updating macOS Big Sur, according to Apple support forums.

The MacRumors forum thread has a large number of users reporting the problem, and similar issues are being reported via Reddit and Apple’s support communities, indicating the problem is widespread.

The problem relates to the 13-inch MacBook Pro computers issued in late 2013 or mid-2014, where users of these devices face a black screen when trying to update the device to macOS Big Sur.

Key reset combinations, including NVRAM, SMC, Safe Mode, and Internet Restore, are inaccessible after trying to install the update, leaving no way to bypass the static black screen.

It appears that an engineer investigating a customer has resolved the issue after removing the HDMI port’s IC chip, but this is not certain that this is the cause.

Apple asked at least one owner to send their system into service, while another said Apple’s engineering team was aware of the problem.

For the time being, at least you might want to stop updating the older 13-inch MacBook Pro to macOS Big Sur until the cause of the problem becomes clear and Apple releases a fix.

It is unclear exactly how many users of the older 13-inch MacBook Pro were affected, and it is also worth noting that these are the oldest models supported by the macOS Big Sur update.

The problem can be costly to users, as all older 13-inch MacBook Pro affected by the issue are out of warranty, even if you’ve purchased an AppleCare warranty.

Although there is a possibility that Apple will cover the costs in the future, you may face an expensive repair or replacement process if you need a system that works in a short time.

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