German coach Jurgen Klopp spoke about his team’s loss to Manchester United in the match that took place between them on Monday evening at Old Trafford in the third round of the Premier League for the current season 2022-2023.

“I am concerned about our situation,” Jurgen Klopp told the BBC.

Jurgen Klopp added: “We should have won this game, I know it sounds ridiculous but that’s how I saw it.”

“I am concerned about our situation, but that is the situation. We are preparing for Bournemouth and Newcastle now.”

“We are in a difficult situation in terms of injury, we have passed the week with 14 and 15 great players available now and we have to make sure that they are not injured.”

He added: “We were not lucky in situations against an opponent like United, it was useful to score and go 1-1 in the first half.”

He continued: “They were really aggressive at the beginning, it was clear what was going to happen. They were fiercer than us and hit the post early, they scored the goal and we took over and played the game we wanted to play.”

“We had to keep chasing the game and that’s not what you want to do,” said Jurgen Klopp. “It makes it difficult with them threatening to counterattack.”

“When you’re in a game like this fighting, these players talk to each other and on the pitch it’s different. It wasn’t a perfect performance, it was clear United would come out of the blocks but we weren’t 100% ready,” Klopp added.

Jurgen Klopp continued: “The second goal is difficult to bear, it was offside, but we have to work with it.”

He added: “In order to play football we are able to play, we want to fight. We have a good game at home on Saturday, Anfield must be swinging, we have to light the fire and the rhythm.”

He stated, “I don’t have much controversy, we lost the match. Another day, with more conviction in what we are doing, we can change it. That’s how it is.”

Klopp continued: “We scored a goal and deserved it in that period and then you have to force it, we tried, we have to admit in the end that he’s not good enough and that’s why we lost.”

“In the first half we showed the players two positions that we did really well and we wanted to do it again, but then we conceded the second goal,” Klopp said.

Klopp added: “We had great chances, they scored the goal that we had to defend differently, but that’s the case with goals. In the second half of the first half, we were there and we caused them problems.”

Jurgen Klopp concluded: “The start of the game was exactly what everyone left out, what the United fans expected, they were chasing us. They started a little bit more aggressive than us, and they could play the game they wanted more than we were playing the game we wanted.”

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