After Liverpool beat Chelsea 11-10… the longest penalty shootout in football history, “video”

 A great dose of fun experienced by the football fans in the English League Cup final yesterday, before the professional Liverpool team in its ranks, Egyptian Mohamed Salah, crowned the championship title for the ninth time in its history, after defeating Chelsea in the confrontation that took place between them at Wembley Stadium in the final. Carabao Cup 2021-2022 season.

The Reds grabbed the title from the Blues’ fangs with a penalty shootout 11-10 after the end of the original and extra times in a negative tie in the confrontation that took place between them at “Wembley” in the Carabao Cup final in the current season 2021-2022. 

Liverpool’s 11-10 victory over Chelsea is the highest penalty shootout between two English Premier League teams in history. 

Penalty kicks are usually five kicks for each team, which they resort to after the extra time ends in a tie, and if the tie continues after the 5 kicks, a kick is played in front of another kick until the match is decided, but sometimes those kicks are excessively long, and an audience may get bored of him The two teams. 

Below we monitor a group of the longest penalty kicks in the history of the round witch.

1- CS Constantine x CR Belouizdad (Algeria Cup) 

The longest penalty kicks in history in Algeria, and perhaps in the history of football, brought together the Constantine youth against the youth of Belouizdad in the Republic Cup competition, and 48 penalty kicks were taken for each team, thus achieving a world record in the number of penalty kicks in one match.

2- KK Palace x Cifix (Namibia Cup Final)

The Guinness Book of Records’ record in this regard is for the match between KK Palace and Civix in the 2005 Namibia Cup final, where the two teams reached the largest number of kicks in penalty kicks, 48, of which they missed 15.

3- Olympiacos x AEK Athens (Greece Cup Final)

In the 2009 Greek Cup final between Olympiacos and AEK Athens, the two teams scored 34 penalties.

4- Liverpool x Middlesbrough (English League Cup)

In 2014, Liverpool and Middlesbrough played 30 penalty kicks in the League Cup.

5- Chelsea x Oxford (English League Cup)

The Chelsea and Oxford match in the “EFL” Under-21 Championship witnessed the penalty shootout between the two teams reaching a record 34 kicks.

6- Netherlands x England (European Youth Cup)

In 2007, in a match in the European Youth Cup between the Dutch team and England, the penalty kicks between them amounted to 25 kicks



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