•  The Pole and the German pull Bayern to crush Salzburg and go through the round in an imperial way

Thomas Müller will be 33 years old this year, the same as Robert Lewandowski. Both are the veterans of a Bayern that was once again the steamroller of yesteryear to get through the round. Nagelsmann’s team arrived in a hurry after their last performances and due to the tie ‘in extremis’ in the first leg against Salzburg, but their old rockers did not miss the appointment and annihilated the dream of the Austrian team by putting the Bavarians in the quarterfinals of the Champions.

The Pole opened the way with a record hat-trick in the first 23 minutes of play, the fastest in the history of the Champions League, and the German closed the Munich feast with a new brace in Europe and to claim that the Bayern’s old guard continues with the gunpowder in optimal conditions.

Lewandowski, like a train

The last The Best came to the game without having seen the door in the last two, something he is not used to. A few minutes and a clumsy Wöber, author of two almost consecutive penalties, were enough to quench his thirst for goals.

Lewandowski did not fail from the penalty spot, but he wanted more. That is why he threw an uncheck that Müller read wonderfully. They both exhibit a special chemistry. They understand each other almost without looking at each other and they look for each other to break down the rival defenses.

This time the Pole did not reach the goal, but he fought for the goalkeeper’s rebound and scored the third of the night at pleasure and became the sixth player to score at least two hat-tricks in the same Champions League. In addition, he reaches 85 goals in the European elite in 104 games, going faster than Messi (107) and Cristiano (121) to achieve it.

With a stroke of the pen, Bayern had sentenced the tie, but like Lewandowski, he wanted more. Gnabry joined the party, but it was Müller who turned it into a feast by scoring fifth and sixth. The German continues to show that he is gifted. He plays practically everything and is the cog that drives Bayern’s powerful attacking machinery.

32 and 33 years old, but Müller and Lewandowski, the two Bayern rockers did not miss another great date.

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