Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski caused a panic during the Bavarian training, after he fell strangely while shooting the ball on goal, to leave the training session after this incident.

Robert Lewandowski had to cut short today’s training session after slipping in an embarrassing fashion while practicing shooting, the striker was briefly treated and then left the field visibly upset

During Lewandowski’s intervention, he slipped awkwardly while hitting the ball, and later said in his statements: “I didn’t hit the ball correctly when I shot, it hurts a little.”

Lewandowski underwent tests after the session, and news from the Bavarian team at the moment said that the injury is not serious and the player will only need to rest for a few days.

Fans fear that it will bring back traumatic memories of last season, as Lewandowski’s late injury derailed the season for the Bavarian club.

Lewandowski is the best striker in Europe this season in numbers, as he leads the Golden Boot, as well as the Champions League top scorer with 12 goals.

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