Press reports revealed that Bayern Munich management rejected a new offer from Barcelona to obtain the services of Polish striker Robert Lewandowski during the current summer transfers.

Whereas, Barcelona offered an offer of 30 million euros, in addition to 5 million incentives if the player achieved a number of goals and championships with Barca.

And that Bayern Munich wants to get 40 million euros in one go so that it can agree to the departure of the Polish player from its ranks before the contract expires one season.

This comes at a time when media reports are talking about Robert Lewandowski’s desire to escalate his anger again against Bayern Munich officials, to push them to dispense with him, especially since he does not intend to return to Germany to attend the pre-season camp.

It is likely that there is an agreement between the Barcelona administration and Lewandowski regarding the signing of a two-year contract with an extension for a third season.

And Lewandowski announced at the end of May that his “story” with the German club was “coming to an end” during a press conference with the Polish national team.

Bayern sticks to its position and insists that Lewandowski stay and fulfill his contract, which expires in June 2023.

Lewandowski has been defending the Bavarian club since 2014, scoring 344 goals, and his current contract expires at the end of 2023, which means that staying with Bayern for an additional season without renewing his contract will make him a free player next season and leave for free.

The Polish international, Robert Lewandowski, striker for Bayern Munich, confirmed his desire to leave the Bavarian club during the current summer transfers, before the expected match against Belgium, which will be held at nine o’clock in the evening, tomorrow, Wednesday, at the “King Baudouin” stadium in the second round of Group D in the first level of the championship. European Nations League.

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