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Bayern Munich fears surprises from Austrian Salzburg in the Champions League

 Bayern Munich will host its Austrian counterpart Red Bull Salzburg at ten in the evening, today, Tuesday, at the “Allianz Arena” in the second leg of the 16th round of the Champions League for the current football season 2021-22.

The Bavarian seeks to exploit the ground workers and the public against the Austrian champion to resolve matters early and win the qualification ticket, as the positive tie with one goal for each team dominated the first leg match between the two teams that was held at the Red Bull Arena.

The two teams will fight to win the official qualification for the quarter-finals, especially since the Bavarian team, the owner of the land and hospitality in this match.

The duo enters this meeting under the slogan “There is no alternative to winning,” especially since each of them aspires to reach the quarter-finals, and despite the great superiority in favor of the Bavarian team in the history of the confrontations that brought it together with the Austrian team, the latter succeeded in setting off a big surprise from the The heavy caliber in the first leg match, which was held at his home and in the midst of his fans.

The duo enjoys the same situation, however, Bayern has greater hope of qualifying for the quarter-finals, especially since this match is on its home ground and in the midst of its fans and avoids getting tied again, to avoid resorting to penalty kicks.

Bayern Munich has an opportunity to improve its volatile results recently, when it hosts Austrian Salzburg, on Tuesday, in the second leg of the 16th round of the European Champions League.

Bayern are hoping for a less complicated match than going, when Salzburg led them until the last minute, before Frenchman Kingsley Coman saved them with a equalizer.

Lewandowski has fasted for scoring in the last 3 matches, and his future appears ambiguous with the German champions in the last 9 years.

Bayern is going through a volatile period. Despite its leadership in the league and its trend towards the tenth title in a row, it lost to Bochum (2-4) and tied Saturday with Bayer Leverkusen (1-1), after a difficult draw against Salzburg in the continental competition.

The Austrian champion proved that he can compete with the players of the young coach, Julian Nagelsmann, in terms of speed, and they prepared well for the confrontation with an easy victory over the bottom league on Saturday (4-0).

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